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This hotel made of salt is no less than a wonder, people check by licking the walls

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The Chopal: There is no dearth of unique buildings and hotels in the world. But one of the world’s strangest hotels in the Andes Mountains of South America is made only of salt. This resort is built on the largest salt flat on earth. In this, furniture, walls, flooring, sculptures, everything is made of salt. And even the food available here is only of salt.

Located on the shores of Bolivia’s historic dry lake Salar de Uyuni, the hotel’s name is Palacio de Sal, which literally means Palace of Salt. There is 4 thousand square miles of salt desert in these coasts. Pictures of this hotel show that the pillars and walls inside are made of bricks made of salt.

In some rooms, the floors are covered with sand made of salt and white sofas made of salt are especially visible in them. The restaurants here serve only salty dishes which include llama meat, sheep and chicken. The hotel staff says that the guests coming here are very happy to come and many even lick the walls or furniture to check that it is all made of salt.

The outer part of this hotel building is also made of the same material and for this, salt was brought from a distance of a few meters and carved. The domes on the roof here are also made of salt. About 10 lakh blocks made of 35 cm grains of salt have been used to build this hotel. This building weighing 10 thousand tons took only two years to build.

The rooms of this hotel offer a view of the vast desert of South America. Yes, at some places dark and at other places light but shiny colors have been used to harmonize with white. The interesting thing is that salt water bath is used to give the spa experience of the hotel here. Bolivia: This hotel is at a level of 12 thousand feet above sea level.

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