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This is the world’s biggest pitbull, can cause painful death in a moment, the dreadful secret of the dog worth Rs 2 crore leaked!

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The relationship between humans and dogs is very close. Dogs are counted among the most loyal animals in the world. If you feed bread even to the dogs roaming on the streets, they will wag their tails in front of you for the whole life. In such a situation, what can we say about the loyalty of pet dogs? Earlier, some dogs were kept for the safety of their homes. After this, police and military people started adopting some dogs. These were made dangerous for safety purposes. Doggerman and German Shepherd were the most common breeds.

With time, a lot of experiments started happening on dog breeds. A new breed started being created by crossing two breeds. This resulted in the birth of many new types of dogs. For some time now, there has been a demand to ban Pitbull, a breed of dog. In fact, dogs of this breed have attacked many people and taken their lives. Because of this, considering the danger, there is talk of banning them. Pitbulls are just as ferocious as they are. But if you see the world’s largest pitbull, you will be blown away.

This pitbull looks like a monster
A person shared pictures of his pet pitbull on social media. He claims that this is the largest pitbull in the world. Along with this, he also told many scary truths related to his dog to the people. The name of this pitbull is Hulk. Its weight is about 80 kg and when it stands on its hind legs, its height becomes 6 feet. Its owner Marlon Greenan told that he lives with him in America where he works for dog breed protection. Anyone gets scared after seeing Hulk.

shared secret
Marlon told that there has been talk of banning pit bulls for some time. Many of his children have been sent to the UK illegally. This means that more dogs like Hulk are present in the UK. Hulk’s price is two crores. In such a situation, its children would also have been sold at a good price. Let us tell you that Pitbull is banned in UK. But they are still reared there illegally. Marlon told that he has information about Hulk’s two children. Don’t know about the rest either.

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