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Those 6 rejected films of Shahrukh, which later proved to be huge hits

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Shahrukh has given many big films in his career. But it happens with every actor that in order to do one film, he leaves another film. Same thing happened with Shahrukh Khan also. He gave many hit films, but he left some hit films or had to leave them. Let us tell you about 6 such films of his.

1. Rang De Basanti

‘Rang De Basanti’ is one of the few good films of Aamir Khan. Shahrukh Khan was going to be in it. But he was not going to play Aamir’s role. However, it is also said at many places that only Aamir’s role was offered to Shahrukh. But according to the solid information, Shahrukh has been arrested by R. Madhavan’s role was offered. they refused. Madhavan had a cameo in the film. He played the role of flight lieutenant.

2. 3 idiots

Shahrukh is now doing ‘Dinky’ with Rajkumar Hirani. But even before this he was offered one of his films ‘3 Idiots’. But at that time he had refused. Later it was offered to Aamir and it became the biggest film of his career at that time.

3. Jodha Akbar

‘Jodha Akbar’ was released in 2008. Hrithik Roshan worked in it. It was directed by director Ashutosh Gowarikar, who made one of the best films of Shahrukh’s career. In this, the role of Akbar was first offered to Shahrukh. Only after his refusal, this film went to Hrithik.

4. Ek Tha Tiger

Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ is going to be released on 12th November. Shahrukh Khan is also in it, but in the role of Pathan. Apart from Salman Khan, you cannot imagine any other actor in the role of Tiger. But the first film of this franchise, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ was first offered to Shahrukh. Due to being busy with ‘Don 2’ and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, he did not agree to this film.

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5. Munnabhai MBBS

Rajkumar Hirani had offered him a picture even before ‘3 Idiots’. But he refused to become Munna in ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. After this Sanjay Dutt entered the film and what an amazing entry it was!

6. Rent

Ashutosh Gowarikar first offered ‘Lagaan’ to Shahrukh Khan. But he refused for the film, after which Aamir became a part of the film and ‘Lagaan’ went to the Oscars.

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