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Three Of Us Review: Jaideep finally filled Irrfan’s vacant place, Avinash created a cinema of relationships on Konkani canvas – Three Of Us Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Avinash Dhaware Arun Jaideep Ahlawat Shefali Shah Swanand Kirkire

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As people approach the age of 50, different types of emotions start awakening in humans. There is an urge in his mind to go again and again to those streets which he somehow left or those streets did not allow him to stay with them. Childhood love is sincere. Is innocent. But, one is also self-respectful. Someone somewhere said something and a knot formed in my mind. There is no effort to loosen that knot and new threads keep getting tied. Then the marital bond is also tied. But, can the things that an innocent child feels in childhood be able to tell them to anyone when he grows up? And, even if asked, does his current life partner allow him access to those memories? This is the story of cinematographer turned director Avinash Arun’s film ‘Three of Us’.

Jaideep Ahlawat Shefali Shah and Swanand Kirkare
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Konkan breathing story
I don’t know whether Avinash Arun is sending a message to his childhood friend on the pretext of this film or whether he wants to get rid of some pain which is buried in some corner of his mind, only he knows, but it is certain. That he is trying to relive his childhood spent in Konkan in this film. The two main characters of the film are Shailja and Pratap. The surnames of both are Marathi. Both the actors are non-Marathi. Both of them are trying to create a story whose soul is Marathi in the artistic and naturally beautiful world of Konkan. For Avinash, this film is like his own Cinekala show reel. Jaideep Ahlawat and he spent time together in Pune Film Institute and Shefali Shah and Swanand Kirkire have come to row their friendship. Why Aninash named the film ‘Three of Us’, only they know, but from the silent film based on Rachel Crothers’ play of the same name written in 1906 to the film of the same name made in 2015, there are four films ‘Three of Us’. ‘ has been used. After watching the film, I feel that Avinash should have relaxed his ego a bit and given a beautiful Marathi or Hindi name to the film.

three of us
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

movie stuck in editing
Like its name, the film ‘Three of Us’ seems a bit strange in the beginning. Artists coming and going in static shot. The insistence on dividing every scene into foreground, background and center makes it take some time for the viewer to connect with the film. The editing is also messed up. The camera starts moving with the characters. The viewer feels that he is following along with the story, but then there is a sudden jump cut. Avinash may have been trying to take the story forward by giving a shock to the audience, but in sensitive stories it is very important for the cinematic technique to remain sensitive. Any shock or accident can become a hindrance in the development of consciousness of any human being. Something similar has happened with Shailja. It has been discovered that he is suffering from memory loss. The film starts with his to-do list, reading which reveals his mental state. People talk normally. For Shailja they are like taunts. But, she keeps smiling. Then one day she comes to her childhood town Vengurla with her husband. Both sat in the train. The wife shared a laugh with the co-passengers and the journey ended. Going to Konkan from Mumbai and that too by train. This is a different story in itself. Those who like to go abroad and take pictures and fill social media with them, they should definitely visit Konkan once in their life. Well, Avinash is in a hurry to get to his story so both of them come to Vengurla. Shailja is looking for her childhood friend and finds him. Both mingle together. The husband is uncomfortable. The wife is happy and Pratap’s wife finds all this strange but finds it very cute and strange. Remember that the name of the film is ‘Three of Us’ and the story of Shailja’s younger sister is yet to come in the story.

Shefali Shah and Jaideep Ahlawat
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Jaideep’s defeat on Shefali’s instigation
The release date of the film ‘Three of Us’ was announced secretly. Before the release of the film, its publicity was limited to name only. Shefali Shah has lived Mumbai cinema. And, now she has come out of it and is swimming in the sea of ​​acting. This character is the exact opposite of Shefali of ‘Delhi Crime’ and ‘Darlings’. This character is of a weak woman. A woman whose heart says one thing and her mind says something else. And, she listens to her heart. He realizes that he made a mistake 28 years ago. He has named his son Bharat by combining emotion, raga and taal, but the emotion, raga and rhythm of his life are actually from Pratap. Pratap is innocent. He has two daughters Katha and Riddhi. The elder daughter has grown so much that she does not like going to the fair with her parents and when the younger daughter does not, Pratap gets a chance to refresh that old memory with Shailja, after which both of them never met. . The film ‘Three of Us’ is a show reel of Avinash Arun’s cinematography but the cinema is of Jaideep Ahlawat. Hindi cinema has found a hero to replace Irrfan Khan in Jaideep. Jaideep has further strengthened this point in this film. When Pratap’s eyes fill with tears while reminiscing about his childhood love on the carousel hanging in the sky, Jaideep’s facial expression, for some unknown reason, suddenly reminds him of Irfan’s face. Be it the turn of recognizing the writing written on the bench or the cleverness of normalizing the frightened Shailja by going near the well, Jaideep has given Shailja’s character the foundation in the entire film, in search of which she comes to Vengurla from Mumbai. Swanand Kireke is the third angle of the trio but his work is also excellent.

Jaideep Ahlawat
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Cinema decorated with the tunes of Kumar Gandharva

It is the credit of Avinash Arun that he could incorporate the Surdas bhajan sung by Kumar Gandharva in a Hindi film. The film will be liked very much by all those people who have some childhood story still hidden in some corner of their heart whose heroine is lost somewhere. To bet on his thinking, Matchbox Shots, a company that makes mystery thriller films like ‘Andhadhun’ and ‘Monica O My Darling’, came together and its producers Sanjay Routray and Sarita Patil should be praised for this. Another praiseworthy work in the film is the sound design of the film. Vineet D’Souza has brought the scenes to life on screen through Avinash’s camera with absolutely natural sounds, from the chirping of birds to the train passing through the crossing and the atmosphere of the sea shore. The film is being released in very limited theaters, but if it is being released somewhere near your home then definitely watch it to enjoy the cinema. The duration is also not very long. This game is only of one and a half hour and to make the cinema of tomorrow, it is necessary to watch this game of today.

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