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today weather forecast at my location jharkhand ka mausam

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The effect of low pressure and cyclonic circulation on Jharkhand is going to be visible. The temperature may increase by three to four degrees. Read here what the Meteorological Department has predicted for the coming days.

Temperature started increasing slowly in Jharkhand


MC Ranchi

Temperature started increasing slowly in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Weather Today|IMD Weather Forecast|Low pressure and cyclonic circulation is prevailing in Jharkhand, the effect of which will be seen in the coming days. The temperature will start increasing in the next two-three days. This information has been given by the Meteorological Department. In the weather forecast issued by the Ranchi-based weather center of the India Meteorological Center (IMD) on Thursday (October 5), it has been said that the maximum temperature in the southern parts of the state will increase by three to four degrees Celsius during the next 24 hours. Might be possible. There will be no major change in temperature in the remaining parts of the state. After this, the temperature may again gradually increase by two to four degrees in the next two-three days. Today Jharkhand Highest rainfall occurred in Pakur district. 11 mm rainfall was recorded here. There was no rain in the capital Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Daltenganj. Bokaro, Godda, Deoghar, Gumla and Sahibganj also received light to moderate rainfall.

Ranchi’s maximum temperature increased by 1.6 degrees

According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature has started increasing. Today, the maximum temperature in Ranchi has increased by 1.6 degrees compared to the last 24 hours. Today’s maximum temperature in Ranchi was 28.4 degrees centigrade, which is 1.6 degrees less than normal. After a drop of 0.6 degree centigrade in the minimum temperature, it has become 22 degree Celsius, which is 1.1 degree centigrade more than normal. The maximum temperature of Jamshedpur has increased by 2.4 degrees to 32 degrees, which is 0.5 degrees centigrade less than normal. The minimum temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees and has become 25.4 degrees centigrade, which is 1.6 degrees more than normal.

Highest temperature in Garhwa

The maximum temperature of Daltenganj has increased by 1 degree to 30 degree centigrade. However, it is still 2.6 degrees centigrade below normal. Talking about the minimum temperature, in Daltenganj it has increased by 0.3 degrees Celsius to 24.5 degrees Celsius, which is 1.2 degrees Celsius more than normal. The Meteorological Department has said that in the last 24 hours, the highest temperature of 30.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Garhwa. Maximum rainfall of 175.8 cm occurred in Sunderpahari of Godda district. The lowest minimum temperature was 22 degrees centigrade in Ranchi. During this period, light to moderate rainfall occurred at almost all places in Jharkhand. Heavy to very heavy rainfall occurred at some places. Monsoon remained highly active in the state.

539 percent more rain than normal in Jharkhand

If we talk about rain, Jharkhand has received 539 percent more rain than normal between October 1 and October 5. During this period, 20.3 mm rainfall in the state is considered normal. But, so far this year, 129.7 mm rainfall has been received, which is more than five times the normal. Garhwa district has received 1435 percent more rainfall than normal, Palamu has received 1117 percent more rainfall. At the same time, Bokaro district has received 823 percent more rainfall than normal, Ranchi has received 734 percent more rainfall and Ramgarh has received 731 percent more rainfall. The state has received more than 211 percent rainfall in all the districts during this period.

How will be the weather of Ranchi?

There are chances of rain in the capital Ranchi on Friday (6 October) also. The Meteorological Department has said that Ranchi will remain partly cloudy. There is a possibility of rain with thunder. During this period, the maximum temperature is expected to be 29 degrees and the minimum temperature will be 22 degrees centigrade. Weather Center Ranchi has said that the capital may remain partly cloudy till October 9.

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