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Top 10 Steamiest Hottest Movies Web Series On Netflix That You Should Only Watch Alone

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Top 10 steamiest movies web series: Although a lot of unique content is seen on OTT every day. Be it crime or horror or suspense, there are many web series and movies which you can watch with friends or family. But today we are going to tell you about some such web series and films, which you cannot watch sitting with your family even by mistake. This is because you may feel embarrassed in front of them.

Good content will be seen in these web series films. But because of the bold scenes, you will not be able to watch it with the entire family.

fifty shades of gray

This film is included in those Hollywood films which are full of bold, romantic and erotic scenes.

Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire

This is a thrilling drama series, in which some such scenes are shown which you cannot watch sitting with everyone.

Lust Stories 2

This series came in June this year and created a stir as soon as it was released.

Bollywood actress Tamannaah Bhatia has given very bold scenes in Lust Stories 2. If you are planning to watch it with the whole family, then do not watch it even by mistake.


This is a British thriller mini series, which came out in April this year.

Richard Armitage and Charlie Murphy are in lead roles in this series. Whereas in Obsession the actress gave very bold scenes. Her bold scene from this series also went viral.


It can be understood from the title of this film that the film is quite bold.


This is a comedy drama, whose content is adult. Valeria came into limelight due to her bold scenes.

365 days

There are such bold scenes in this film that your eyes will remain wide open after watching them. This film was released in the year 2020.

dark desire
Its story is about a school professor, who is out of her house one night and during that time something happens to her, about which she would not have even thought in her dreams.

fish bowl typhus
Fish Bowl Typhus is one of the boldest films on Netflix. It shows the story of these wives who are not happy in their marriage.

This story is about school children, in which you will get to see many bold scenes. It would be better if you watch it alone.

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