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Tragic Story Of Guru Dutts Wife Singer Geeta Dutt Who Died At The Age Of 41

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Before marriage, Geeta Dutt was Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhury. There is so much about his life that the evening will pass without telling, hence an effort will be made to present his life story in front of you in less words.

Geeta ji was born in the family of a Bengali rich landlord. When Geeta Dutt was 16 years old, she got to sing only 2 lines in 2 songs. Time passed and Geeta kept singing songs and became such a singer that great composers SD Burman and O.P. She was said to be Nayyar’s first choice.

By the time Guru Dutt came into Geeta’s life, Geeta had already made her name and her place in the industry. Geeta met Guru Dutt for the film Baaghi, they both fell in love and when they got married, people said that the star singer has married a struggling director.

After marriage, Geeta Dutt sang most of the songs for her husband Guru Dutt’s films. Be it ‘Jaane Kya Tune Kahi Ho’ from Pyaasa or ‘Ja Ja Ja Bewafa’ from Aar Paar, Geeta Dutt sang songs that reflected the first signs of love in the 50s and also sang songs that expressed the pain of heartbreak. He also lent his voice to the songs.

The real magic of the pairing of OP Nayyar and Geeta was seen in the films Aar-Paar, Babuji Dheere Chalna and Ye Lo Main Hari Piya. And then how can anyone forget the songs ‘Jaane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji’ and ‘Thandi Hawa Kali Ghata’ from Mr. and Mrs. ’55.

Such was the magic of Geeta Dutt’s voice that while Lata Mangeshkar sang 8 songs in the film Bhai Bhai, one song of Geeta Dutt, ‘Ae Dil Mujhe Bata De Tu Kispar Aa Gaya Hai’, outweighed all those songs. Had fallen.

But, soon the period came when Geeta’s stardom started fading. She sang many songs in her husband Guru Dutt’s films but almost gave up singing for other films. She became increasingly busy with her household and her career also began to flourish. Famous lyricists started giving work to other singers.

At the same time, the relationship between Geeta Dutt and Guru Dutt had deteriorated, there were apprehensions about the presence of a third person in between. During this, Geeta sang the song ‘Na Jao Saiya Chuda Kar Baiyan Kasam Tumhari Main Ro Padungi’ from the film Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam. Geeta Dutt herself once said that “It seems that this song is more a statement of my own feelings than of the characters of the film”. This song was filmed on Meena Kumari, who is known as the Tragedy Queen of Bollywood, but do you know that Geeta Dutt was called the Tragedy Queen of the music world.

In the 1960s, both Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt were going through many problems. But, Guru Dutt said goodbye to this world in 1964. Geeta Dutt was devastated by this incident. Geeta Dutt once again started singing songs because the burden of the children was completely on her. Geeta had become addicted to alcohol long ago. After Guru Dutt’s departure, life came to a halt but the addiction to alcohol did not stop.

Geeta sang excellent songs in the 1971 film Anubhav. The songs of this film were the songs sung by Geeta in the last years of her life, including ‘Meri Jaan Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho’, and ‘Mera Dil Jo Mera Hota’.

Geeta Dutt died of liver cirrhosis in the year 1972. Geeta was only 41 years old. This was the story of Geeta Dutt who transformed from star singer Geeta Roy to a tragedy queen.

Rich landlord’s daughter ruled Bollywood, this singer died at the age of 41

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