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Ukraine Pakistan Arms Deal IMF: Foreign Office Rubbishes Report Pakistan Sold Weapons To Ukraine Against Russia For IMF Deal

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Islamabad: The poor Pakistani government has once again betrayed Russia in the name of friendship. ‘Beggar’ Pakistan, which takes cheap oil and grains from Russia, has surrendered to America for loan from IMF and has supplied deadly weapons to Ukraine. Now when this has been revealed in a media report, Pakistan is shocked. He is afraid of becoming a target of Russia’s anger. That too when China is openly helping Russia and Pakistan claims to be an Iron Brother with China. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has rejected media reports of providing arms to Ukraine. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said that the report of giving arms to Ukraine for loan from IMF is completely baseless and fabricated. Earlier, Intercept’s report had come in which it was said that Pakistan got the loan only after Pakistan agreed to give arms to Ukraine. If Pakistan had not got this loan, it would have defaulted and the IMF loan saved it. The report said that since this weapon was to be given to the Ukrainian army, Pakistan also had to help Ukraine against Russia.
It was not just that Pakistan did not get ‘begging’ from IMF, it had to make a secret deal with America to give arms to Ukraine!

Ate Russia’s wheat, gave weapons to Ukraine

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zahra Baloch said that this loan agreement was reached after talks between Pakistan and the IMF. He said that it is disingenuous to give another color to this conversation. Baloch claimed that Pakistan has adopted a completely neutral attitude in the dispute between Ukraine and Russia. He said that Pakistan has neither given any weapons to Russia nor Ukraine. Meanwhile, seeing Pakistan trapped, Ukraine has also come to the rescue. He claimed that he had not received any weapons from Pakistan.

Pakistan and Ukraine may claim that there is no arms deal, but in reality Pakistan has sent rockets and tanks on a large scale to Ukraine through third countries Poland and Germany. This was the reason why on July 20, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba suddenly visited Pakistan. Earlier, Russia had warned Pakistan about giving arms to Ukraine. After this latest revelation, Pakistan’s trick of earning dollars from both China, Russia and America has been exposed. Earlier, Russia had given several tonnes of wheat to Pakistan which was craving for flour. Not only this, Russia had given cheaper oil to Pakistan like India.

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