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Ukraine’s big attack in vain Russia’s big claim path ahead very difficult for Zelensky Ukraine’s big attack went in vain… Russia made this big claim, the path ahead is very difficult for Zelensky

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Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on Wednesday that Kiev’s army launched a major drone attack on border areas at night, during which the Russian army shot down 31 Ukrainian drones in the air. Meanwhile, uncertainty has increased regarding the arms and ammunition Ukraine receives from its Western allies.



This appears to be the biggest drone attack carried out by Kiev during the nearly 20-month-long war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has been insisting on slow retaliation for the last three months. However, Kiev’s concerns over dwindling supplies of military equipment could undermine its efforts.

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Admiral Rob Bauer, head of NATO’s military committee, has warned about the shortage of military reserves. He said, “Now the bottom of the barrel is visible.” He stressed on increasing production from the defense industry at a faster pace.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not presented any evidence for its claims of shooting down a Ukrainian drone, nor has it shared any information about damages or casualties. It also said Russian aircraft foiled Ukraine’s attempt to deploy a group of troops by sea into the western part of Russian-occupied Crimea. However, there has been no response from Ukrainian officials on Russia’s claims so far.

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