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UP: Daughter went to the police station with her boyfriend, the father standing in front kept protesting – Boyfriend and girlfriend got married in temple in UP girl father kept protesting in police station then lclcn

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A surprising case has come to light in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh. Here the boyfriend and girlfriend got married in the temple built in the police station premises. During this time, the girl’s father kept opposing the marriage and pleading in the police station. But, the police had no clue about this marriage. At the same time, the victim’s father has held the police responsible for this.

The whole matter is of Sanjay Nagar of Dibiyapur town. Shabnam and Nitin, who live here, were in love with each other for the last many years. Both wanted to get married. But, due to the lack of unity in the community, the girl’s family was against this marriage. Shabnam and Nitin decided to ignore the decision of their family and get married.

When I tried to take her along, my daughter protested.

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Then both of them called the Pandit and got married in the temple inside the police station. Meanwhile, when the girl’s father came to know about this, he reached the police station. He started trying to take the daughter who was roaming around with him. But the daughter started refusing. Seeing the commotion, more people reached the spot.

‘Father was against marriage, hence got married in temple’

Then people got both of them married. During this time the father kept pleading. The surprising thing is that all this happened but the police did not even know about it. The girl told that her father was against this marriage. For this reason he got married in the temple. We both are happy with the marriage.

The Superintendent of Police said this in the matter

Superintendent of Police Charu Nigam told that a loving couple had come to the police station. He told that both are adults. When verified, both were found to be adults. His family had objections to their relationship. An attempt was being made to file a fake case against him.

After this, both of them brought a Pandit and got married in the temple inside the police station. Now the loving couple is demanding their safety. If any further complaint comes, action will be taken accordingly.

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