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UP has tolerated you for 5 years, you should have known this… On which question did Yogi taunt Akhilesh – Yogi Adityanath taunts Akhilesh Yadav over a question on budget spending in UP assembly

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Lucknow: SP National President Akhilesh Yadav targeted the BJP government in the Assembly and said that the government presents the biggest budget every time but is unable to spend it. Akhilesh Yadav, while presenting his stand on the Budget 2024-25 presented on February 5 in the UP Assembly on Saturday, said that the government does not provide information about the allocation made and how much has been spent on it.

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav accused the BJP government in the assembly of not being able to spend the budget. He said that every time the government presents the biggest budget but is unable to spend it. On this Yogi Adityanath replied that Akhilesh was presenting the figures of December 2023. He sarcastically said that the public has tolerated the Leader of the Opposition for five years. They should have at least been aware that the old budget will continue till March 31, 2024. On the last day of the budget session on Saturday, Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav mentioned the budget allocated to different departments last year and the expenditure incurred on it. He also asked whether the message will reach the grassroots through poetry. What will you say about the things I have said? The House should know why you are not able to spend the budget or whether the provisions you are making are wrong or the figures you are going to spend are wrong. BJP’s policy is not for the general public, it is only for the 10 percent rich people. Questioning this, he said that this is the biggest budget of the government so far, so why is the government not able to spend, why is there a difference between the total budget and the actual expenditure. Responding to Akhilesh, Yogi said, ‘When the leaders of the opposition parties were talking, I was surprised that they were presenting the figures of December 2023 in the House. The old budget will continue till March 31, 2024. This budget has to run till 31st March. They should have at least this much information. The state has seen you and suffered for five years, so you should know that this budget is not being decided for today. This will come into effect from April 1. Yogi said that every Indian should be proud of Amrit Kaal in the country but he has objection to it. India is becoming the economic superpower of the world. We have defeated Britain, which ruled India for 200 years. By defeating it, India became the fifth economy. Instead of being thankful for this, if we put him in the dock then this is a very surprising situation. Firstly, they are presenting figures for December 2023. After this, UP is at number one in every field, he has objection on this also.

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