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UP Weather Update Rain and cold winds increased cold | UP Weather Update: Rain and cold winds increased the cold in UP including Jhansi, know today’s update.

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9 mm water fell in 24 hours The effect of snowfall in the hilly areas of North India and heavy rain in the plains has also been seen in Jhansi. Here, 9 mm (0.36 inches) of rain in the last 24 hours dropped the temperature by 6 degrees, increasing the mild cold. The sequence of inclement weather continued on Tuesday also. After light rain on Monday morning, cold winds blew in the night. It rained heavily on Tuesday morning. The Meteorological Department has recorded about 9 mm of rain.
Temperature dropped 6 degrees Also, the maximum temperature dropped by 6 degrees from 34.6 degrees to 28.6 degrees and the minimum dropped by 1.4 degrees from 20.6 degrees to 19.2 degrees Celsius. According to the regional weather unit, there is a possibility of cloudy sky with light cold winds and drizzle at some places on Wednesday.

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