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Usa Jill Biden Defends Husband President Joe Biden Says Their Son Death Used To Score Political Points – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

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usa Jill Biden defends husband president Joe Biden says their son's death used to score political points

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These days, US President Joe Biden is the target of critics due to his increasing age and weak memory. Now Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden has come to his defense. Jill Biden has targeted the Special Counsel’s report, which says that Joe Biden was negligent towards confidential documents while he was Vice President. The Special Counsel has also made an issue of Joe Biden’s weak memory by saying that he does not even remember the date of his son’s death.

Wife Jill Biden came to Joe Biden’s defense

Now Jill Biden has defended Joe Biden on the Special Counsel’s report. He wrote in an email sent to party supporters on Saturday that ‘Whatever is in the report is wrong and a personal political attack on Joe Biden. Special Counsel claims that Joe Biden does not even remember the year in which his son died, but believe me, like every person who has lost a child, Joe Biden also remembers the death of his son Beau. Have not forgotten. He further wrote that ‘I do not understand what the Special Counsel wants to achieve from all this.’

‘An attempt is being made to take political advantage of son’s death’

Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015. Jill Biden wrote that ‘I cannot even imagine how efforts are being made to take political advantage of our son’s death. The date of May 30 will always remain in our hearts and it breaks me and my family. In support of Joe Biden, Jill wrote that ‘Joe Biden is 81 years old, but he still does as much work in an hour as people do in the whole day. He has intelligence, understanding, sensitivity and experience as well as foresight. He has fulfilled his promises and proved that he is still an invaluable asset to the country.

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