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Vegetable vendor given Taliban punishment for not paying dues beaten and paraded naked in market in noida lclcn

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A shameful incident has come to light from Noida. Where the bullies beat up a vegetable seller in the market for not repaying his loan. Not only this, he was stripped naked and paraded around the market. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media. Police say that the matter is being investigated after registering an FIR.

This case pertains to the fruit market of Police Station Phase-2 area. Here some bullies beat up the vegetable seller severely and then stripped him naked and paraded him around the market. It is being told that there was a dispute regarding the loan of money. Police station Phase-2 has registered the case and started investigation.

Garlic was borrowed worth three thousand rupees

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It is being told that the victim vegetable seller had borrowed garlic worth three thousand rupees from Dabangg. But he incurred loss in selling garlic. Because of this he was not able to repay the loan. Angered by this, the bully beat him severely and then stripped him naked and paraded him around the market.

The accused will be arrested soon

On this matter, SHO says that a viral video of the fight had surfaced. Upon investigation, it was found that the young man was assaulted because of a money transaction. An FIR has been registered on Monday based on the complaint of the victim seen in the video. A team has been deployed to arrest the accused. He will be arrested soon.

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