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VIDEO: Seema Haider will support which team in India-Pakistan match, shocking disclosure by giving her own statement

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IND vs PAK: In the Asia Cup 2023, there will be a face-to-face between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK) on 2 September. Both the teams have reached Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Kandy. Where in this match a tough fight will be seen between Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma. But before this match, Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan, has once again come into limelight. One of his videos is going viral on social media. In which she told which team she will support in the Asia Cup?

Seema Haider reacts on IND vs PAK match

Seema Haider
Seema Haider and Sachin

There is less than 24 hours left in the match played between India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK). The whole world is eagerly waiting for this match. Meanwhile, Seema Haider, who came to India in love with Sachin, has shared her opinion about this match.

He gave an interview to News 18 before this match. In which the journalist questioned Seema. India-Pakistan match is about to come. Then people will ask you which team will you support?” On the other hand, Seema answered this question very simply with a smile and said, “I will support India. I will not support Pakistan. Because I am an Indian, I will support India only, now I have no relation with Pakistan. This video of him is being liked a lot on social media.

Will Seema return to Pakistan after the World Cup?

Seema Haider
Seema Haider

Seema Haider is very fond of watching cricket. It is being claimed on social media that she came to India in love with Sachin to watch the World Cup. Will she return to her country Pakistan again after the World Cup?

After the absconding of Seema Haider from Pakistan, a local journalist interviewed her old friend. In which the young man is talking about his relationship with Seema Haider. In which the young man told that he is a big lover of cricket.

She has gone there to watch the World Cup 2023 to be played in India. He has to go to see the Cricket World Cup in India. After watching the World Cup, she will return to Saudi Arabia with her husband Ghulam Haider. However, Seema told the Indian media that she would like to die in India. But will never go to Pakistan again.

Listen yourself, what did Seema Haider say?

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