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Vikrant Massey’s wife Sheetal discharged from hospital, actor refuses paparazzi from taking photo of baby – vikrant massey wife discharged from hospital with new born baby boy watch video

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Vikrant Massey, who received praise from all sides for ’12th Fail’, recently became a father. Wife Sheetal gave birth to a lovely son. Sheetal became a mother on February 7, and has now been discharged from the hospital. On February 10, Vikrant Massey reached the hospital by car to take his wife Sheetal and new born baby. The joy of becoming a father was clearly visible on Vikrant’s face.

A video has been shared on Instagram, in which Vikrant Massey is leaving the hospital in a luxury car with his wife Sheetal and son. Seeing the paparazzi, he waves at them and then signals them to remain calm. He indicates that the baby is sleeping now and they should remain calm.

Vikrant Massey’s wife discharged from hospital 3 days after delivery, first video with baby surfaced

Fans requested

A lot of comments are coming from fans and users on this video. Fans are requesting the paparazzi not to disturb the baby, let him sleep and not take his photos. This is the first video of Vikrant Massey’s beloved, after seeing which the fans are showering a lot of love and blessings.

Vikrant Massey got married in February 2022

Vikrant Massey and Sheetal got married on 18 February 2022. On becoming a father on February 7, Vikrant Massey shared the good news with fans in a social media post. From fans to celebs started congratulating Vikrant Massey on becoming a father.

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Lucky for Vikrant Massey 2023-2024

This year has been very lucky for Vikrant Massey. While ’12th Fail’ achieved success from box office to OTT, he also received the Best Actor Award for it. Not only this, after this he got offers from many films. Even Rajkumar Hirani has signed him for one of his series. Now he has also become a father.

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