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Vinod Mehra Secret Marriage Controversy; Rekha | Bindiya Goswami Vinod Mehra had 3 marriages, all three broke: When Rekha was brought home, her mother misbehaved, due to fear of family, she hid in hotels

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3 hours agoAuthor: Ifat Qureshi

Today is the 79th birth anniversary of Vinod Mehra, who was counted among the most handsome heroes of the 70s. If Vinod, born on 13 February 1945, had been alive today, he would have been celebrating his 79th birthday, but unfortunately, he died due to a heart attack at the age of just 45. Vinod Mehra could not even see the face of his only son, who was born 8 months after his death.

Vinod Mehra made a big name by working in about 100 best films like Amar Prem, Ghar, Jani Dushman, Naukar Biwi Ka, but his personal life was always full of tragedy. Despite 4 marriages, Vinod Mehra remained lonely for years.

Vinod had first married Rekha, but unfortunately, within a few hours of the marriage, the family misbehaved with Rekha and separated them. Under family pressure, Vinod got married for the second time, but he could not remain happy.

Meanwhile, actress Bindiya Goswami came into his life. When Vinod wanted to adopt Bindiya, his wife’s family threatened him so much that he had to hide in hotels fearing to save his life.

While waiting for everything to go well, Bindiya also left him for a director. Eventually he found love with his fourth wife, but she died after just 2 years of marriage.

Today, on the special occasion of Vinod Mehra’s birth anniversary, know the story of his journey of becoming a hero and the tragedy related to his life –

After India’s independence, the family moved from Amritsar to Bombay.

Vinod Mehra was born on 13 February 1945 in a Punjabi family in Amritsar. His father Parameshwari Das was a businessman who came to Bombay (now Mumbai) from Amritsar to do business just after India gained independence. In Bombay, Parameshwari Das’s sister Sharda joined Hindi cinema and started doing small roles.

Vinod Mehra has worked in about 100 films in his career.

Vinod Mehra started acting at the age of just 10

With the help of his aunt, Vinod got the job of child artist in the 1955 film Adal-e-Jahangir at the age of just 10. After this, 13 year old Vinod also appeared in the 1958 film Ragini. Vinod played the childhood role of Kishore Kumar in the 1960 film Bewakoof.

While working as a child artist, Vinod stayed in Bombay and completed his studies from Sacred Heart Boys High School in Santa Cruz and then took admission in St. Xavier’s College to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Rajesh Khanna given tough competition in All India Contest

While studying, at the age of 20, Vinod Mehra participated in the All India Talent Contest, which was organized by United Producers and Filmfare. 10 thousand youth from across the country took part in this competition. Rajesh Khanna won this competition leaving behind 10 thousand people and Vinod Mehra gave him a tough competition and got the second position.

After this competition, Rajesh Khanna started getting work in films, but Vinod did not get any benefit.

Locks of luck opened in a restaurant, got the film

One day Vinod Mehra was sitting with some of his friends in the famous Gaylord restaurant in Mumbai, where the famous director Roop K. Shourie’s gaze fell. Of form. Shourie called him to his office and cast him in the 1971 film Ek Thi Rita. This film, released in 1971, was a huge hit. Due to which Vinod got recognition in the entire country. From here Vinod Mehra started the second innings of his career as a hero.

He was further seen in films like Parde Peche Peeche, Aelaan, Amar Prem, Lal Patthar. However, he got stardom from the 1973 film Anurag. Appearing continuously in films, Vinod Mehra appeared in about 100 films in his 20 year acting career.

Future shown through a film, came true after 27 years

Vinod Mehra was seen in the film Aalaan with Rekha in 1971. This was a fictional film, in which a ring was used, through which a person became invisible. The same concept was used in Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India.

In this film, Rekha was seen using a smartwatch, through which she used to make calls, although smartwatches were not invented in the 70s. Steveman invented the smartwatch in 1998, 27 years after the release of this film. Nowadays, smartwatch calling is common, but at that time it was surprising.

When he married Rekha and took her home, her mother pushed her out.

Rekha and Vinod Mehra started liking each other during the shooting of the film Aalaan. Both of them also had a secret marriage in the 70s. In the biography Rekha – The Untold Story written on Rekha by Yasser Usman, it is written that Rekha and Vinod Mehra got married in Kolkata. After marriage, Vinod Mehra brought Rekha to Bombay, but as soon as he took her home, her family flatly refused to accept the marriage.

According to the biography, as soon as Rekha tried to touch Vinod’s mother’s feet, she pushed him away and then in anger started hitting him with slippers. The mother insulted both of them and threw them out of the house and both of them broke the marriage. However, in an interview given to Simi Garewal, Rekha had termed her marriage with Vinod Mehra as a rumour.

The family members had forced the second marriage.

To keep Vinod Mehra away from Rekha, his family got him married to Meena Broka. Meena was a housewife, who came to Mumbai and started living with Vinod. Sometime after marriage, Vinod suffered a heart attack, for which his wife was held responsible. Vinod’s health improved with the passage of time, but his relationship with his wife deteriorated.

When Bindiya grew closer to Goswami, his wife’s family threatened him.

Amid growing rift with his wife, the closeness of Vinod Mehra and 16 years younger actress Bindiya Goswami started increasing. As soon as Meena’s family got wind of their relationship, they started threatening Vinod and Bindiya.

Vinod Mehra with Bindiya Goswami.

Stayed hidden in hotels due to threats from in-laws

Fearing wife Meena Broka’s family, Bindiya and Vinod started hiding in different hotels. Both of them started getting fed up of staying hidden from people for many days, but Vinod was ready to go to any extent for Bindiya. He divorced wife Meena Brocka in 1979 and married Bindiya in 1980.

Vinod Mehra suffered a severe shock while fighting with his family and in-laws. In 1984, Bindiya suddenly divorced Vinod Mehra and married director J.P. Married Dutta. The Bindiya for whom Vinod Mehra left everything, the same Bindiya left him. Vinod Mehra was very upset due to the breakup of this relationship.

Third marriage was after 4 years

Vinod Mehra married for the third time in 1988 to Kiran, daughter of a Kenyan transport businessman. In 1988, Vinod’s wife Kiran gave birth to daughter Sonia. Both were living a happy life.

Vinod Mehra with wife Kiran and Rekha, adopting daughter.

Vinod wanted to become a filmmaker, his only film came three years after his death.

Vinod Mehra wanted to become a filmmaker. In the late 90s, he produced the film Gurudev by casting Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and also directed it himself. The film got postponed due to the starcast not getting the dates, due to which its budget started increasing. Due to this, Vinod was also facing financial crisis, due to which he started getting worried. Finally, in 1990, the shooting of the film was half completed, but in the meantime, he died due to a heart attack on 30 October 1990.

After the death of Vinod Mehra, the film Gurudev was directed by Raj Sippy. This film was released in 1993, 3 years after the death of Vinod Mehra. Vinod Mehra’s films Paththar Ke Phool (1991), Insaniyat (1994) and Aurat Aurat Aurat (1996) were also released after his death.

Son was born after Vinod’s death, family left the country

Vinod Mehra was just 45 years old when he died. His son Rohan Mehra was born 7 months after his death. When Vinod died, his wife was 2 months pregnant. Daughter Sonia was also only 2 years old. After Vinod’s death, his widowed wife Kiran returned to Kenya. He raised his children while living in Mombasa, then the children went to UK for studies.

Vinod Mehra’s children have appeared in films

Vinod’s daughter Sonia made her Bollywood debut with the 2007 film Victoria No. 203, although the film did not do well. His son Rohan made his Bollywood debut with Nikhil Advani’s 2018 film Bazaar. Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Chitrangada were also in lead roles with him in the film.

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