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Viral News: Fake Madhuri Dixit is viral on social media, people are losing their senses after seeing it.

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Viral News:Even today there is no answer to Madhuri Dixit in Bollywood. People are crazy about Madhuri’s every style and style. No one can compete with him in the matter of dance. The effect of his popularity is that people who look like him are also becoming popular.

A video of Madhuri Dixit’s lookalike or lookalike is going viral, seeing which at first glance it becomes difficult to recognize that this is not the real Madhuri.

In the video shared on Instagram, Madhu, who looks like Madhuri, is seen wearing a red and golden colored saree, wearing jewelery and make-up like a bride, giving expressions like her on Madhuri Dixit’s song.

The woman seen in the video really looks exactly like Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri’s lookalike on the song ‘Saajan-Saajan Teri Dulhan’ looks exactly like Madhuri. You will also be stunned once you see Madhu from the side. Madhu, who looks exactly like Madhuri, is her big fan. Madhu’s Instagram profile is full of such videos.

By commenting on this video of Madhuri’s lookalike, users are praising her fiercely. While commenting, a user wrote, you look exactly like Madhuri. Another user wrote, same Madhuri ji. One user wrote, you are a carbon copy. Another user wrote, she looks like Madhuri from the film Koyla.

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