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Virtual Humans: Now virtual friends will end the loneliness of humans, know how it will help

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Virtual Humans: There are a large number of people who are trying to deal with the problem of loneliness with increasing age. In such a situation, the day is not far when computer generated humans will also be included among our best friends.

Why are virtual humans needed?

Our changing demographics amid evolving technology may lead us towards these virtual humans. There are many developed countries in Asia, Europe and North America, whose average age of society is increasing rapidly. For example, by 2066 about one-fifth of Australia’s population is expected to be aged 65 or older.

help reduce the problem

Virtual humans can help reduce this problem. A virtual human is a computer-generated human being who can be placed in the physical world, including your home’s living room. It is a unique companion because it blends seamlessly into the physical world. This computer-generated human appears to you like a real human being and is breaking the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.

Virtual human is like real human

This virtual human can walk, sit or lie down and talk to people, just like a real human, but it can’t pick things up, move things around or make tea Could. This technology is not that developed yet.

Solution to loneliness of the elderly

Robots are also considered a solution to the loneliness of the elderly, but virtual humans are more affordable than robots. They can be given any shape, any shape and their behavior can also be determined like anything, whereas this is not possible for robots.

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