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Vladimir Putin On Yevgeny Parigozhin Plane Crash Mystery | Russia News | Putin said – Cocaine was found in his office, the dead bodies should have been tested for alcohol and drugs.

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In the picture, Russian President Putin is seen with Wagner Army Chief Prigozhin. (file)

Russian President Putin has spoken for the first time on the reason for the death of Wagner Chief Prigozhin. Putin said- The explosion in Prigozhin’s plane was caused by the explosion of grenade bombs kept inside. On Thursday, Putin said that there was no missile attack on Prigozhin’s plane, but there was a blast inside it. Evidence of explosives was found on the bodies found inside the plane. This includes fragments of a hand grenade.

During a meeting in the city of Sochi, located near the Black Sea, Putin said that the investigating authorities should also have investigated whether the people who died in the explosion had consumed alcohol and drugs. However, this did not happen.

Let us tell you that it is not yet clear whether the post-mortem of those who died in this accident was done or not.

Putin answered questions related to Prigozhin in a meeting held in Sochi city near the Black Sea on Thursday.

Putin said – Wagner Army’s experience in Russia is not very good
Putin said that Wagner’s offices in St. Petersburg were searched after Prigozhin’s plane crashed. During this time, 5 kg of cocaine along with about Rs 832 crore was recovered from there. In response to a question on the future of Wagner Army, Putin said – There is no law in the country on such groups.

His experience of working in Russia has not been very good. Right now there is no consensus in Russia as to whether the country needs them or not.

Putin said- I can tell one thing clearly that thousands of fighters of Wagner Army have till now signed contact with the Russian Armed Forces. At present, no information has been revealed about where the grenades came from in Prigozhin’s plane and how they exploded. Russia’s investigating agency has not yet presented its official report.

American agency had claimed that there was a missile attack on Prigozhin’s plane.
Shortly after Prigozhin’s death, America’s intelligence agency claimed that someone had organized an attack on his plane. It was also said in some reports that there was a missile attack on Prigozhin’s plane. It was also claimed in the American intelligence report that this attack on Wagner Chief was carried out by Putin because he gets his enemies killed.

In the footage, Prigozhin’s plane is seen falling down.

Prigozhin died just two months after the rebellion
However, Russia had then completely rejected the American claims. In Russia, the death of Putin’s rebel Wagner Chief on August 23 remains a mystery. According to Russia’s Aviation Ministry, Prigozhin’s name was in the passenger list and he was on board. He was the chief of the private army Wagner Group. 10 people were killed in the crash.

This aircraft was going from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Apart from Prigozhin, Private Army co-founder and former Russian Special Forces commander Dmitry Utkin was also on board this plane. Wagner’s other officers were also present on the plane.

Putin said – Prigozhin had made some mistakes, but he was talented
President Putin’s statement came about 24 hours after Prigozhin’s death on August 24. He expressed grief over the death of Wagner Chief. Putin had said- Prigozhin was a talented businessman. I regret his death in the plane crash. He made some big mistakes, but also did a lot of good things.

Putin had further said- I knew him for a long time. Met him for the first time around 1990. There were definitely some problems regarding them. As far as I know, Prigozhin returned to Moscow from Africa only on Wednesday. We cannot forget what Wagner did in Ukraine. The investigation of this plane crash will take some time.

Following Prigozhin’s death, tributes were paid to him in Moscow.

Wagner rebelled on June 23
On June 23, the Wagner Group declared rebellion against Russia. Wagner’s Army left the Ukrainian camps and entered the Russian border. He captured the city of Rostov and the military headquarters. Prigozhin had then said – We are not afraid of dying. He had claimed that Wagner fighters had shot down several helicopters of the Russian army. According to RT, Prigozhin had asked the Russian Defense Minister to come to Rostov and meet him.

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