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War: ‘Just like Palestinians are being killed in Gaza attacks, Israelis are killing hostages’, claims Hamas chief – Israel Palestine Conflict Hamas Chief Claims Israeli Hostages Killed To Death Same Way As Palestinians In Gaza

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It has now been four weeks since the conflict between Israel and Hamas started. Meanwhile, the death toll from both sides has so far exceeded 10,000. While 1,400 Israelis lost their lives in the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7, in response to this, more than 9,000 Palestinians have died in Israel’s action on the Gaza Strip. Despite these circumstances, neither Israel nor Hamas is ready to bow down. The head of Hamas has issued a new warning saying that the way Palestinians are being killed in the attacks in Gaza, a similar death is being given to Israeli hostages.

A video message has been issued by Hamas chief Ismail Haniya. In this, it has been said to those who brought about reconciliation between the two sides that it is necessary to stop this massacre. Not only this, people have also been asked to continue protesting against Israeli attacks. Especially from those living in western countries, so that pressure can be put on the policy makers there.

Ismail said that Israel is committing genocide in the Gaza war so that it can hide its defeat. He is targeting unarmed civilians. The Hamas chief said that Israel’s wickedness will not save it from a major defeat. The leader of the organization which is promoting the struggle of Hamas while living outside Palestine himself said that Egypt’s Rafah border with Palestine should also be opened, so that people get space to move from both directions.

Who is Ismail Haniya and what information came about him?

At present the command of the terrorist organization Hamas is in the hands of Ismail Haniya. In 2018, Haniya was designated a terrorist by the US State Department. Like Sawalha, Haniya is also running a terrorist organization sitting abroad. Where the common people of Gaza are in need of every little thing. At the same time, the Hamas chief and his family are living a life of luxury in Qatar. On October 7, a video of Hamas attack on Israel went viral in which Ismail was seen supporting the terrorist attack in his luxurious office in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Haniya’s influence in the organization began to increase after Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian general elections in 2006. He was appointed Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip. During this period, Haniya increased his wealth manifold by imposing heavy taxes on goods imported from Egypt to the Gaza Strip. In 2014, Hamas announced a 20 percent tax on all trade. A report claimed that because of these taxes, 1,700 top Hamas commanders became millionaires.

In 2010, Haniya had purchased land worth about Rs 33 crore near Shati refugee camp, which she had done in the name of her son-in-law. Haniya has since purchased several apartments, villas and buildings in the Gaza Strip, which are registered in the names of her children.

Pictures of several of Hania’s sons drinking alcohol in luxury night clubs abroad have also surfaced. According to the report, Haniya’s children have generators from which they sell the electricity generated at a good price.

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