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Wayne Past Relationships, Overview And Children

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Wayne Lineker, famous businessman and owner of O Beach Ibiza club in Ibiza, graced the screens of Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion 2021. While viewers can’t wait to know more about him, including his past relationships and family, this article will focus on Wayne’s children Lineker.

Wayne Lineker: A Brief Overview

Wayne Lineker, a successful entrepreneur, spends his time between London and Ibiza. He is known for being the owner of the cult club O Beach Ibiza in Ibiza. Namely, Wayne is the brother of former football star Gary Lineker. His journey into the business world began in 1988 when he started the sports bar chain Lineker’s Bar. Wayne’s remarkable career path began in Leicester, where he left school at the age of 14, spending 11 years working behind his father’s stall. At the age of 25, he opened his first bar in Tenerife, and from there he expanded his ventures to Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and the Canary Islands. With 555 thousand followers on Instagram, Wayne Lineker is a significant figure on social networks.

Wayne Lineker’s children

Wayne Lineker is the proud father of four children from his first marriage. His family includes three sons, Duane, Sean and Freddie, as well as one daughter, Tia. While Duane, Sean and Tia are all in their 20s, Freddie is the youngest member of the Lineker family, still in his teens. A touching social media post shows Wayne Lineker with all four of his children and daughter-in-law at Duane and Megan’s 2019 wedding.

Wayne’s past relationships

Wayne Lineker was previously romantically involved with Danielle Sandhu, a 28-year-old glamor and fashion model who rose to fame after appearing on Britain And Ireland’s Next Top Model in 2013. During their relationship, Wayne expressed his desire to expand his family further. He stated: “I want more children – just one or two would be great. I already have four of them. She’s modeling now, so I said ‘you have to hurry, I’m 55 now’. The age group I work with doesn’t age.” Wayne stressed that despite the 30-year age difference, he and Danielle share a strong bond and look good for each other. He valued their relationship and cared little about public opinion about their age difference.


As Wayne Lineker embarks on his journey to find love in “Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion,” his family, especially his four children, remains an essential part of his life. Wayne’s successful career in the entertainment industry and his openness in relationships have made him a prominent figure in the public eye. As viewers watch his search for love unfold in the series, the support of his family and the love he shares with his children will surely remain a significant source of strength for Wayne Lineker.

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