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Weather Update: 61 years record broken, 14 inches of rain in 31 hours in Indore, red alert even today

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Weather Update: Indore, Naiduniya representative. The record-breaking rains on Friday-Saturday disrupted life in large parts of the state. The rain that started on Friday evening continued throughout the day on Saturday. Heavy rain clouds worsened the situation in Indore city. Indore recorded more than 362 mm rainfall in the last 31 hours. More than 100 low-lying settlements of the city were submerged in water due to heavy rains. The staff of the Municipal Corporation and the District Administration remained busy in making arrangements for drainage in the lower settlements.

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The rain that started in Indore from Friday evening continued till late Saturday night. clouds rained heavily Indore Spoiled the situation. Regal area recorded 362.5 mm (about 14 inches) rainfall in 31 hours, while the weather station at the airport recorded 281 mm in 30 hours till 11.30 pm. This rainfall broke the record of highest rainfall of 169.8 mm which occurred in Indore 61 years ago on 20 September 1962. More than 100 low-lying settlements of the city were submerged due to the torrential rains caused by the low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal and moisture coming from the Arabian Sea.

In South Toda of Indore, residents were shifted elsewhere due to accumulation of rain water in the area. -Prafull Chaurasia ‘Ashu’

Due to this, life became disrupted. The staff of the Municipal Corporation and the District Administration remained busy in making arrangements for drainage in the lower settlements. District administration and SDERF teams remained busy in the rescue operation. Collector Ilaiyaraaja T, Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava Many public representatives and officials continue to visit the affected areas.

More than 200 people in low-lying settlements were rescued and more than 450 people were sent to safe places. 15 thousand food packets were delivered to them. The delivery of a woman trapped in flood in Saver area was done by the medical team that arrived by motor boat. The rainfall in the last two days also fulfilled the quota of average rainfall (929.4 mm) of Indore for the four-month monsoon season. Till 11.30 pm on Saturday night, 1107.8 mm rainfall has been received, which is 178 mm more than the average rainfall.

All the ghats of Narmada river completely submerged in Omkareshwar. -the new World

rain in figures

Water entered more than 100 low-lying settlements. 169.8 mm rainfall occurred. On September 20, 1962, more than 200 people were rescued. More than 450 people were sent to safe places. 15,000 food packets were distributed to the needy. Kalaria saved 21 people. the boat went in

Shipra overflows in Ujjain, opens five gates of Gambhir Dam

On the other hand, due to heavy rainfall in the region, Shipra river is in spate in Ujjain. The gates of Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar dam were opened. Due to this, the pilgrimage city Omkareshwar became waterlogged. At the same time, Narmada has reached above the bridge in Mortakka. Indore-Ichhapur road was blocked due to closure of traffic on this bridge. The Meteorological Department has also issued a red alert on Sunday.

44000 cumecs water released for the first time from Omkareshwar Dam

With the release of 44,000 cumecs of water simultaneously for the first time from the dam at Omkareshwar, the Narmada river seems desperate to touch the suspension bridge. Flood water has reached from Gajanan Ashram to Dandi Swami Ashram intersection. People have suffered losses due to water logging in houses and shops in the area. Narmada water reached Mamleshwar temple.

Bus bringing affected people from submerged area overturns in Barwani, 17 rescued

Continuous rainfall continues in Barwani district. On the other hand, the water level of Narmada has increased due to opening of dam gates. The school bus which was bringing flood affected people from Chhota Barda village of Anjad to Anjad overturned from a culvert near Anjad. 17 people traveling in a bus that overturned in a swollen drain have been rescued. The rescue continued till the time of writing the news.

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