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When it comes to the iconic band Oasis, drama and headlines are as common as their hits. The tumultuous relationship between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, the core of the band, and the ever-changing line-up contributed to the band’s narrative. British tabloids have enjoyed reporting on everything from their personal lives to the volatile dynamic between the Gallagher siblings. Notably missing was longtime Oasis drummer Alan White, whose departure from the band in 2004 sparked a mix of rumors and questions.

Keeping time with Oasis

Alan White, the drummer who rhythmically guided Oasis through their peak years from 1995 to 2004, found himself embroiled in the band’s success. But in the midst of hits and adoration, a twist of fate awaited him. Ultimately, White was replaced by Zak, the son of the legendary Ringo Starr. The details of White’s departure have remained shrouded in mystery, with conflicting accounts from various sources, including claims that he was fired over a phone call.

Mysterious departure

Amid the speculation and rumours, Alan White’s brother Steve has added his voice to the story, claiming the drummer received news of his departure via a phone call from the band’s manager. According to Steve, communication with the Gallagher brothers was notably absent from that crucial call. In April 2020, Liam Gallagher, ever the provocateur on Twitter, pointed the finger at Noel, stating that it was Noel who made the decision to split with White. The intrigue surrounding White’s departure only deepened with these conflicting accounts.

Alan White’s Post-Oasis Odyssey

Since saying goodbye to Oasis, Alan White has opted for a more private life. While fan theories swirled about the events leading up to his departure, White remained relatively low-key. A notable exception was his brief stint in 2008, when he joined his brother’s group, Trio Valore, for a performance in London. Despite keeping a low profile, White opened an Instagram account in April 2020, amassing nearly 30,000 followers eager for insight into his life.

Life outside the spotlight

In the realm of Instagram, Alan White shared snaps with Liam Gallagher, leaving fans intrigued about the timeline of these photos. A video of White drumming to classic Oasis tunes has emerged, dedicated to staff at the UK’s National Institute of Health, showing his continued passion for music. While hopes of an Oasis reunion linger, White seems content in his current chapter, sharing glimpses of the quiet life with posts featuring cold beers, leisurely scooter rides on his lawn and picturesque sunsets.

Oasis Bonhomie: What awaits us?

Despite the occasional Oasis nostalgia that pops up on White’s social media, a full reunion seems unlikely. However, the drummer’s contented domestic scenes and musical moves suggest a fulfilling life after Oasis. As fans continue to follow Alan White’s journey, the drummer remains an enigmatic figure, content with his own rhythm, far from the spotlight that once defined his musical legacy with Oasis.

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