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What Happened to Lucy in Coronation Street?

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Lucy’s Rocky Journey in Coronation Street

Lucy Victoria Barlow, a character from the popular TV series Coronation Street, played the role of Simon’s mother and was Peter Barlow’s second wife. Their story was full of twists and turns that kept viewers riveted to the screens. Let’s take a look at Lucy’s tumultuous journey on the show.

A troubled marriage

Shortly after Lucy and Peter’s wedding, she discovered that Peter had been having an extramarital affair with Shelley Unwin. This discovery shook their relationship to the core. Lucy was faced with a difficult decision. The tension and restlessness led Lucy to make a drastic choice: she decided to move to Australia. At the same time, she broke off all ties with Peter and prevented him from seeing their four-month-old son, Simon.

A tragic end

Lucy’s story in Coronation Street took a tragic turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite a brave fight, she eventually succumbed to the disease. Her death left a void in the series and had a profound effect on the characters and story.

Peter’s responsibility

After Lucy’s death, Peter took on the role of caring for their son Simon. This marked a significant change in Peter’s character. He had to step up and be the father that Simon needed. Lucy’s presence, though gone, continued to influence the play, even in her absence.

Lucy Richards – A complicated love story

Lucy Richards was a character involved in a complicated romantic triangle with Shelley Unwin and Peter Barlow. Her story began when Peter and Lucy met to buy a bouquet for Shelley. Their current relationship soon turned into an affair that would have far-reaching consequences.

Lucy’s pregnancy

Lucy, keeping her pregnancy a secret, finally confided in Tracy Barlow, who worked in a flower shop. Tracy inadvertently tells Peter all about Lucy’s condition, revealing that he is the father. Peter, despite being in a relationship with Shelley, hastily married Lucy, promising to end his affair. However, Lucy’s discovery of the truth led to her decision to cut Peter out of her life.

Simon’s birth

In July 2003, Lucy gave birth to their son, Simon. The arrival of the baby further complicated their already tumultuous relationship. Lucy was initially reluctant to let Peter into Simon’s life, leading to heated arguments and conflicts.

Discovery of the Rovers

One memorable moment in Lucy’s story occurred during a heated row at the Rovers. Lucy decided to reveal Peter’s adultery by showing Shelley the wedding photos. This shocking revelation added even more drama to their already complex love triangle.

The impact of Lucy’s story

Lucy’s character made a lasting impact on Coronation Street. Her story of love, betrayal and tragedy resonated with viewers, making her an unforgettable character in the series’ history. While her journey was filled with challenges and heartbreak, it added depth and complexity to the series.

In conclusion

The story of Lucy in Coronation Street was a rollercoaster of emotions, with her character experiencing love, betrayal and ultimately a tragic end. Her presence continues to influence the lives of the characters in the show, even after her death. Coronation Street fans will always remember Lucy’s compelling story and the indelible mark she left on the show.

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