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What is the story of this staircase in Jerusalem that has not moved an inch in 270 years? Why is there controversy

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Hamas Israel War: Jerusalem is one of the most controversial places in the world. Israel calls it its capital. So Palestine claims it as its own. The root of Israel’s enmity with Palestine and Arab countries is also Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a very holy place for the three major religions of the world – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

‘Church of the Holy Sepulchre’ of Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is believed in Christianity that Jesus Christ was crucified here and later he reincarnated here. This place is also called ‘Hill of Calvary’. There is also a tomb of Jesus Christ inside this church.

Why controversy about the church?
There has been a dispute regarding the Church of the Holy Sepulchre between different sects of Christianity for centuries and there are differences of opinions on various issues. Six sects of Christianity together manage this church. Which includes the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Armenian Patriarchate, and Ethiopian and Coptic Syrian Orthodox Churches. The priests of these churches conduct The Holy Sepulchre.

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Where did the controversy start?
There was a lot of controversy in the 17-18th century between different sects of Christianity regarding the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. According to a report by huffpost, at that time Jerusalem was under the control of the Osmania Sultanate. When different sects of Christianity laid claim to this church and demanded its handover, the Osmania Sultanate ordered to maintain ‘status quo.’ From then till now the situation remains the same.

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Battle over the stairs since 1750How much controversy there is among different sects of Christianity regarding The Holy Sepulcher can be understood from the fact that a wooden ladder has been kept in a part of the church for the last 273 years. But no one dared to move an inch from here to there. According to documents, that wooden ladder has been kept under a window in the church since at least 1750.

The ladder has been kept in the same place since 1750.

There is disagreement among different sects of Christianity as to who has claim to the ladder. Who can remove? Due to this controversy, the ladder is still there as it is. Even after more than 270 years, no one mustered the courage to remove it.

Which other holy places?
Apart from Christians, Jerusalem is also very important for Muslims. Al-Aqsa, the third holiest mosque in the Muslim religion, is also located here, which is operated by an Islamic trust. Similarly, the holiest place of the Jews, ‘Holy of the Holies’, is also here.


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