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What Was Elsie Ralph’s Life After The Murder Of Her Three Children?

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Elsie Ralph, a mother from England, faced an unimaginable tragedy when her three children were brutally murdered on a fateful night in 1973. Decades later, she still struggles with the pain and seeks justice for her lost children.

Life of the Ralph family before the tragedy

Elsie Ralph was the mother of three children: 4-year-old Paul, 2-year-old Dawn and 9-month-old Samantha. As her husband was often away on business, the family relied on the help of a lodger, David McGreavy, a former member of the Royal Navy and a family friend. They had no idea that their lives would be destroyed.

A tragic night

On the night of Friday, April 13, 1973, Elsie went to work, leaving McGreavy to look after her children. Tragedy struck when Samantha began to cry and McGreavy accidentally choked her in a drunken state while trying to quiet her down. What followed was a series of unimaginable acts, as McGreavy proceeded to strangle Paul, cut Dawn’s throat and brutally beat and stab all three children before displaying their remains on a fence.

Discovery of a horrible scene

Upon returning home, Elsie and her husband Clive Ralph at first thought their children were missing. However, the grim reality was revealed when the police discovered the lifeless bodies of Ralph’s children hanging from the fence, shocking the entire community.

Elsie’s heartbreaking reaction

Devastated by the loss, Elsie Ralph informed the police about the fate of her children. The trauma was so strong that she had to receive sedatives. Banned from returning home, Elsie faced the excruciating pain of not knowing the details of her children’s murders and being denied the opportunity to see their remains.

McGreavy’s confession

David McGreavy was arrested about two hours later, confessing to the triple murder. Despite the community’s shock, McGreavy never expressed remorse or gave a clear reason for his heinous actions. His trial lasted only ten minutes, resulting in three life sentences.

Elsie’s fight

Elsie’s life fell into despair after the murders. After she attempted suicide several times, it was impossible for her to regain the joy in her life. Her marriage to Clive fell apart, leading to further emotional turmoil.


Elsie Ralph’s life was marked by unimaginable tragedy and constant pain. Despite seeking justice for her children, she faces the haunting reality that McGreavy is now free. Her heartbreaking journey serves as a reminder of the lingering pain caused by the loss of a loved one.

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