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Whatever Happened To Duane Deaver, The Blood Spatter Analyst From The Staircase?

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On December 9, 2001, a disturbing 911 call rang through Durham, North Carolina, when Mike Peterson reported finding his wife, Kathleen, lifeless at the foot of their staircase. Despite claims that it was a tragic fall, Kathleen’s autopsy suggested a different story – severe head injuries inconsistent with a simple accident. Mike Peterson faced charges of first-degree murder, and blood spatter analyst Duane Deaver played a key role in the prosecution’s case.

Drop of blood Spraying Analyst

Duane Deaver’s career took a dark turn when he was fired by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation in 2011. The catalyst was an investigation into the wrongful conviction of Greg Taylor, in which Deaver was found to have presented false evidence. Shockingly, a broader audit revealed Deaver’s involvement in tampering with evidence in 34 criminal cases over his 25-year career, including the high-profile Peterson trial.

A legal twist and an attempt to return to work

After Peterson’s case was overturned, Mike Peterson entered an Alford plea, securing his release. Meanwhile, Duane Deaver tried to get his job back in 2014, claiming he was wrongfully fired and claiming he was being scapegoated. Despite initial resistance, the North Carolina Human Resources Commission ruled in Deaver’s favor, arguing for demotion rather than termination and awarding him 34 months of back pay.

Legal battles and a troubled legacy

Duane Deaver faced further legal challenges as his actions affected more lives. Kirk Turner, wrongly accused in 2007, sued Deaver for malicious prosecution, emotional distress and false imprisonment after his release in 2011. The case, settled in 2018, raised questions about liability. Despite the settlement, Deaver admitted no wrongdoing, leaving a trail of legal controversy in his wake.

Change of landscape and continuation of controversy

After the legal battles, Duane Deaver moved around, taking jobs in various places. His post-dismissal journey led him to work in Philadelphia until 2015. He later settled in San Antonio, Texas, as reported in May 2022. The controversy surrounding his career highlights the complexity of the justice system and the lasting impact of the questionable behavior of one man of action.


In a story that intertwines tragedy, legal battles and a tarnished legacy, Duane Deaver’s journey from blood spatter analyst in the infamous Staircase trial to a person marred by controversy begs the question

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