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Whatever Happened To New Kids On The Block?

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In the vibrant era of the 1980s, when big hair and catchy tunes dominated, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) emerged as teen idols, winning the hearts of many. Fast forward to today, let’s examine what happened to this iconic boy band and its members.

Rising to the stars

Back in the 80s, the mastermind behind New Edition, Maurice Starr, worked his magic again, transforming five Boston teenagers into superstars. NKOTB, known for their catchy songs and ballads, enjoyed immense popularity, even venturing into pop-rock territory.

Time change

As the mid-90s approached, NKOTB faced a changing music scene. The hits weren’t so colossal, and their original fan base grew. The departure of Jonathan Knight marked the beginning of the end. After the Face the Music tour in 1994, the band called it quits.

A resilient reunion

In a surprising turn of events, NKOTB reunited in 2008, 14 years after disbanding. Donnie Wahlberg expressed their commitment to more than a nostalgia tour, releasing the successful comeback album “The Block”. Tours with the Backstreet Boys and new music like “10” and “Thankful” kept the momentum alive.

Different ventures

Off the stage, the members of NKOTB embarked on various journeys. Donnie Wahlberg found success in acting, especially in “Blue Bloods”, showing his versatility in the roles of cops. Joey McIntyre explored a modest solo career and ventured to Broadway, moving to New York for his love of the stage.

One-Hit Wonder and Controversy

Jordan Knight, the one hit wonder with “Give It To You,” faced a quieter career after NKOTB. In 2020, he found himself embroiled in controversy, defending Donald Trump’s comments during the pandemic. Despite the attention, Knight decided to leave social media almost a year later.

Repairer of the country house and family joy

Jonathan Knight, the first to leave NKOTB, has pursued a quieter life as a real estate entrepreneur. He embraced his gay identity, got engaged to Harley Rodriguez and now hosts the HGTV show “Farmhouse Fixer”. Meanwhile, Danny Wood has embraced the low-key life in Miami, proud of NKOTB’s journey and enjoying the joys of grandpa since 2019.


The New Kids on the Block embarked on a rollercoaster journey, dealing with the changing tides of the music industry and evolving personally. Their 2008 reunion proved they could stand the test of time and each member found their own way outside of the 80s boy band craze. As they continue their unique endeavors, NKOTB remains etched in the memories of fans around the world.

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