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When the actress’s mother caught her daughter stealing, she realized the whole story after seeing the bedroom!

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Amrita-Saif Affair: The story of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan is no less than a film story. Love at first sight, dating for 3 months and then a secret marriage. Well, this can be seen and heard only in films. But this is the reality sir. Whatever was told actually happened. But Amrita’s mother was the first to know that something was going on between Amrita and Saif. Because he had caught both of them together at their house and the bedroom had revealed the secret.

Saif had reached Amrita’s house in the second meeting itself.

Both of them first met on the sets of the film and when Saif invited Amrita for dinner, instead of going out, Amrita invited Saif at home. Saif had told in an interview that he went but then stayed there for two days. When the call came from the shooting set, he was preparing to leave when Amrita’s mother arrived at home. Seeing whom Amrita started trembling because she did not know how her mother would react.

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The bedroom had revealed the secret
At that time, Amrita got so scared that she told Saif to tell him that he had come home for lunch. But still Amrita’s mother had sensed that the matter was something different. Actually, what happened was that Amrita had cleaned the bedroom and the house a lot to ensure that no one came to know that Saif was staying in the house. But his mother understood and told Saif in front of him that ‘someone was staying in the house and it was you.’ Just after this, the colors on the faces of both Saif and Amrita had vanished.

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