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When Will One Piece End?

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In the vast world of manga and anime, there is one series that stands out for its incredible length and enduring popularity: One Piece. This iconic creation by Eiichiro Oda has won the hearts of fans around the world. While other series such as Detective Conan, Hajime no Ippo or Pokemon can be long in their own right, One Piece reigns as one of the Top 3 Shonen manga and anime of all time. But the question on every fan’s mind remains – when will One Piece reach its conclusion?

Current status of One Piece

As of now, One Piece is still navigating uncharted waters. The manga currently reveals the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island. With nearly 1,050 chapters already in the treasure chest, it’s clear that One Piece is a milestone in itself. Meanwhile, the anime is in the middle of the epic Wano Country Arc, which is the longest arc in the series. However, the end is not in sight yet.

The lingering question: When will One Piece end?

The burning question that haunts every One Piece fan is when this great journey will reach its final destination. Although there has been no official announcement from author Eiichiro Oda regarding the end date of the series, he has predicted a conclusion. The latest speculation places the manga finale around 2025, but given Oda’s penchant for expanding the story, this date remains uncertain.

The conclusion of One Piece hinges on Luffy’s discovery of Gol D. Roger’s treasure, the legendary One Piece. Still, there are many mysteries to unravel, such as the enigmatic Void Century. Oda painstakingly unravels these mysteries, but it will take years before more than 1,000 chapters come together to make sense of the world and its secrets.

The final bow of one piece

One Piece began its Final Saga, marking the beginning of the end. This saga is divided into several arcs, with the Egghead arc beginning the Final Saga. Chapter 1058 marked the beginning of this saga, but it is impossible to predict how many chapters will follow before the story ends.

Will one piece last forever?

The simple answer is no. One Piece may seem endless, but it is already in its Final Saga and will eventually reach its conclusion after crossing multiple arcs. The end may be far, but it is not an eternal journey.

The longest bow in one piece

The Wano Country Arc holds the record as the longest One Piece arc to date. Spanning an impressive 149 chapters, it forms its own saga. The anime adaptation of the Wano Country Arc also exceeded 180 episodes, spread over 16 volumes (90-105).

Within this epic arc, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance gathers in the land of Wano to confront the powerful Beast Pirates. Kozuki Oden’s history and his relationship with Wana are revealed, along with his lineage. The alliance launches an attack on Onigashima to confront Kaidou and Big Mom, and it is here that Luffy gains his fifth gear.

Ultimate Villain: Imu

In the grand finale of One Piece, the enigmatic Imu emerges as the ultimate villain. This mysterious figure occupies the Empty Throne and secretly controls the World Government from the shadows. The Five Elders serve as the public face of the organization, while Imu orchestrates all the dark deeds committed by the World Government.

The identity of the Imu remains a deep mystery, and so far only fleeting glimpses of their power and influence have been revealed.


One Piece, the beloved and long-running epic, continues to move with its intricate story, leaving fans anticipating its final conclusion. Although the end date remains uncertain, the Final Saga promises to tie up loose ends and unravel long-standing mysteries that have captivated readers and viewers alike. As we sail along with Luffy and his crew, we can only wait and wonder when One Piece’s great adventure will finally reach its desired destination. Share your theories and thoughts on the Final Saga manga and the enigmatic Imu in the comments below!

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