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Where is Lance Armstrong Now?

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Lance Armstrong, the famous American cyclist, had a rollercoaster career filled with triumphs and failures. He once won the Tour de France seven times in a row from 1999 to 2005, making him a global sensation. However, his legacy suffered a blow when an investigation revealed he had used performance-enhancing drugs. So where is Lance Armstrong now? Let’s dive into his current life in this article.

Who is Lance Armstrong?

Lance Edward Armstrong was born on September 18, 1971 in Richardson, Texas. He rose to fame as a professional road race cyclist in the United States. His remarkable achievement of seven consecutive Tour de France victories brought him worldwide fame. However, his career suffered a serious blow when it was revealed that he had been relying on drugs to enhance his performance during his cycling journey.

Where is Lance Armstrong now?

Lance Armstrong lost all his prestigious titles due to the doping scandal that ruined his career. Standing 5 feet 9 and a half inches (1.77 meters) tall and weighing 165 pounds (75 kilograms), he was known for his exceptional road riding skills and was affectionately known as “Le Boss” and “Big Tex” during his cycling days .

Current Location of Lance Armstrong Today, Lance Armstrong lives in his hometown, Austin, Texas. Not only does he call this city home, he is also the proud owner of two popular downtown restaurants, “Juan Pelota Cafe” and “Mellow Johnny’s”.

Juan Pelota Cafe “Juan Pelota Cafe” is a charming cafe that offers a large selection of excellent coffees, sweet treats and small snacks. Thanks to the pleasant ambience and hospitable staff, it has become a favorite place for both locals and tourists where they can relax, chat with friends or enjoy a cup of delicious coffee.

Mellow Johnny’s On the other hand, “Mellow Johnny’s” is a well-known bike shop for all cycling enthusiasts. Given Armstrong’s illustrious cycling career, he created a hub for cycling enthusiasts right in the heart of Austin. The store offers a wide selection of bikes, parts and equipment, along with expert advice and repair services.

What is Lance Armstrong doing now?

Currently, Lance Armstrong is engaged in a project with ESPN, where they are producing an intriguing documentary called “LANCE”. This documentary gives a detailed look at his incredible rise as an American cyclist, his triumphant battle against cancer, his victories at the Tour de France and his subsequent fall from grace. It features the diverse perspectives of teammates, friends, rivals and journalists, offering a comprehensive look at his life and career.

Involvement of Lance Armstrong In the documentary “LANCE” you can see Armstrong, as well as the insights of his former partner, George Hincapie, and the former head of USA Cycling, Derek Bouchard-Hall. It’s worth noting that Armstrong is the proud owner of Juan Pelota Cafe, who actively participates in the venture, adding a touch of humor by playfully referencing his battle with testicular cancer in the cafe’s name. Furthermore, Armstrong operates a bicycle shop called “Mellow Johnny’s”, named after the legendary yellow shirt or “maillot jaune”, worn by the winner of the Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation After a successful battle with metastatic testicular cancer in 1997, Lance Armstrong founded the organization to help fellow cancer survivors. Although the Lance Armstrong Foundation was renamed the Livestrong Foundation after his doping scandal, Armstrong remains committed to the cause, continuing his efforts to support people battling cancer.


Lance Armstrong, once celebrated for his incredible seven Tour de France victories between 1999 and 2005, faced a significant setback when his use of performance-enhancing drugs came to light. Despite losing the title, Armstrong now lives in Austin, Texas, where he owns “Juan Pelota Cafe” and “Mellow Johnny’s,” catering to coffee lovers and cycling enthusiasts. He is currently collaborating with ESPN on the documentary “LANCE,” sharing the highs and lows of his extraordinary journey. Armstrong’s commitment to helping cancer survivors through the Livestrong Foundation remains unwavering.

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