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Where Is Trevor Noah’s Father Robert Noah & Where Is He Now In 2023?

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Trevor Noah, the beloved comedian and host, has often shared snippets of his life, including his relationship with his father, Robert Noah. However, details about Robert and his current whereabouts remain a mystery. Let’s explore the story behind Trevor Noah’s father and where he might be in 2023.

Meet Robert Noah

Robert Noah is the biological father of Trevor Noah, the famous comedian and host of “The Daily Show”. Born in the early 1930s, Robert will be in his 80s in 2023. He continued his education in South Africa, attending secondary school before continuing his studies at a higher education institution.

A man of European descent

Robert Noah comes from Europe and is of Swiss-German descent. In the 1980s, during the apartheid era in South Africa, he took a significant step in the country. His move coincided with a tumultuous period in South Africa’s history, marked by racial segregation and apartheid laws.

Stand against apartheid

Robert Noah was known for his strong stance against the apartheid regime in South Africa. He vehemently opposed discriminatory laws and the treatment of black citizens. Despite being white, he sympathized with and supported the black community, engaging in various initiatives to help them through this challenging time.

The search continues

As of 2023, information about Robert Noah’s current life remains elusive. Through his platform and storytelling, Trevor Noah shed light on the complexities of his childhood and the influence of his father. Still, the search for more details about Robert Noah’s current circumstances continues.


Trevor Noah’s father, Robert Noah, remains an enigmatic figure, known for his opposition to apartheid and support for marginalized communities in South Africa. Despite the significant impact on Trevor’s life, his absence and current whereabouts remain a mystery, leaving fans eager for any news or revelations about this elusive individual.

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