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Who Are Billy Idol’s Kids?

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When we hear the name Billy Idol, we think of the ’80s rock icon with his rebellious growl and platinum hair. But did you know that he is also a family man? Born William Michael Albert Broad in England, Idol’s journey from punk rock to solo stardom is intertwined with a surprising family story.

Meeting Perry Lister: A love story off the stage

In the midst of his musical triumphs, Idol met Perri Lister in 1980, and their relationship became a rock ‘n’ roll romance. Known as the “doyen of the New Romantics,” Lister was not just a dancer, but a key figure in the New Romantic movement that embraced bold fashion and live music.

White Wedding‘ Relationship: Love in the midst of Gothic castles

Lister became a prominent figure in the life of the Idol, appearing in the iconic video “White Wedding”, showing off her dance moves in a gothic castle. Despite ups and downs, including Idol’s arrest in 1987, their relationship endured. In 1988, their son Willem Wolf Broad, also known as Willem Wolfe, was born.

Willem Wolfe Broad: Following in the Footsteps of Music

Willem Wolfe, inspired by his rock star father, dived into the music scene. From the band FIM to founding the indie-pop duo JUGGS, his musical journey is varied and impressive. Wolfe’s influence even influenced Idol’s musical taste, revealing a unique bond between father and son.

Bonnie Blue Broad: A Different Tune in the Idol Family

After Idol’s breakup with Lister, he found love with Linda Mathis. Their daughter, Bonnie Blue Broad, was born in 1989. Despite the challenging period, Idol’s focus on family grew. Bonnie continued to write, moving away from the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Unexpectedly grandfathering: Poppy Rebel and MaryJane Era

By a twist of fate, Bonnie became a mother, making Idol a proud grandfather. Poppy Rebel, Idol’s granddaughter, brought unexpected joy. In 2021, another granddaughter, MaryJane, joined the family. The idol, accepting fatherhood, expressed the emotional impact of these new experiences.

An idol Unique Family dynamics: a look at personal moments

Through social media, fans can get a peek into the Idol’s personal life, filled with funny snaps and touching family moments. The idol, dressed in a festive Christmas sweater, shows a brighter side, proving that a rock legend can also be a family man.

Conclusion: Billy Idol’s Harmonious A family symphony

Beyond the rebellious stage persona, Billy Idol’s life resonates with harmonious family notes. From rock anthems to family lullabies, Idol’s journey includes love, twists and unexpected joys. As his family tree continues to grow, the rock legend embraces each new chord, proving that even the wildest of rebels can find harmony in family ties.

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