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Who Is Alan Tudyk? The Voice Behind Pico The Toucan In ‘Encanto’

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Alan Tudyk’s notable involvement in voicing Toucan Pico in Disney’s upcoming animated film “Encanto” has caught the attention of movie enthusiasts. Let’s dive into his career and contributions in the world of animated film.

Pico’s voice

Alan Tudyk, director Jarod Bush confirmed in a tweet, is set to lend his voice to Pico, the lovable animal who accompanied Mirabel Madrigal, played by Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz. Pico is described as cheerful but unable to read — a classic Disney feature. animal helpers.

Disney’s Favorite “Good Luck Charm”

Tudyk has become synonymous with Disney animated films since portraying King Candy in “Wreck-It Ralph” in 2012. His versatility and talent have earned him the title “Disney Animation’s Lucky Charm,” Bush acknowledged in a tweet.

A portfolio of unforgettable characters

His voice acting skills earned Tudyk an Annie Award for his portrayal of King Candy. He has lent his voice to various characters, including the Duke of Weselton in “Frozen”, Alistair Krei in “Big Hero 6”, Duke Weaselton in “Zootopia”, Heihei in “Moana” and Knowsmore in “Ralph Breaks the Internet”.

The Disney Connection

Tudyk’s association with Disney films began with the success of “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Frozen,” establishing a string of impressive performances that became something of a joke in Disney animation circles.

Bringing characters to life

His recent portrayal of Tuk Tuk in “Ray and the Last Dragon” showcases Tudyk’s ability to breathe life into different characters, enriching the storytelling experience through his voice acting skills.

The magic of animated films

With his participation in “Encant” as the voice of Pico, Alan Tudyk continues to contribute his talent to the enchanting world of animated films, adding depth and personality to beloved characters.


Alan Tudyk’s role as the voice behind Pico Toucan in Disney’s “Encant” is another feather in his cap, adding to his repertoire of memorable characters in the animated realm. His versatility and ability to bring characters to life have cemented his position as a respected talent in the world of voice acting, and his contribution to the magic of Disney storytelling remains a delight for audiences around the world.

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