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Who Is Alix Earle?

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Recently, TikTok has become a launching pad for many rising stars, where unique content and fresh ideas are key. One such shining star is Alix Earle, a social media sensation who rose to fame with her beauty and personal discovery vlogs. With more than five million devoted followers, she has earned the affectionate title of “It Girl.”


Early life and background

Born in Monmouth County, New Jersey in 2000, Alix Ashley Earle is the eldest of five siblings of Thomas Earle and Alice Earle. After her parents’ divorce, her father Thomas remarried Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a name associated with the Eliot Spitzer scandal. Alix attended Red Bank Catholic High School in New Jersey before graduating from the University of Miami in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Alix’s journey to the stars

Alix’s journey to stardom began during her freshman year at the University of Miami when she started sharing videos on TikTok. Her content ranged from showcasing her friends’ fashion choices to turning everyday items into fashionable clothing. The turning point came in the summer of 2022 when she fearlessly created a sponsored video in which she talks about her battle with acne, offering comfort and advice to many who face the same challenge.


“Get Ready With Me” videos, reminiscent of early YouTube trends, further fueled her popularity. These videos not only showcased her makeup routine, but also offered fans a glimpse into her daily life. By January 2023, she had earned the nickname “It Girl”, with countless imitations of her style. Her TikTok followers crossed 5.8 million in August 2023, garnering 2 to 30 million views per post. The peak of his fame was marked by his entry into the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

The Alix Earle effect

Alix’s influence goes beyond mere popularity; experts called it the “Alix Earle effect.” Every product she endorses, whether on TikTok or other platforms, flies off the shelves. Marketers confirm that her videos can drive up to a 100% increase in product searches within a day. It is estimated that she earns between $40,000 and $70,000 for each sponsored video, which is a testament to her considerable influence.


Alix’s personal life

Currently, Alix Earle is in an on-again, off-again relationship with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios. While the couple keeps quiet, Berrios appears in her videos. Alix previously dated baseball player Tyler Wade, often featuring him in her content. Their breakup, which fans had speculated to be in late 2022, was confirmed shortly after.

Not only is Alix known for her online presence, but she’s also been spotted at high-profile events hanging out with the likes of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Hailey Bieber. Her presence at events such as the Super Bowl and New York Fashion Week 2023 further solidifies her status as a rising star.


Whether you’re just discovering Alix Earle or have followed her TikTok journey, it’s clear that her influence on social media and beyond is incredible. With the right approach and ability to connect with her audience, Alix Earle will continue to make waves in the world of entertainment and influence.

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