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Who is Chelsea Day on Street Outlaws Memphis? Instagram explored!

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Chelsea Maggie Day, a prominent street racer on the series Street Outlaws: Memphis, has drawn increasing attention in the show’s final season, primarily due to her husband’s back injury. As viewers get to know her better, they are eager to delve into her past and discover more about this talented runner. While Chelsea’s heroics on the track are obvious, there is much more to her story. Let’s explore the life of Chelsea Day, on and off the race track.

Meet Chelsea day

Chelsea Day, Jarica, born in 1994, celebrated her 27th birthday on January 12. She is a loving mother of two young children, with her son Kamden turning 6 this year and her daughter Novaleigh due to turn 5 by the end of the year.

In a touching twist, Chelsea is married to fellow street runner, Joshua ‘doughboy’ Day. Their wedding trip took place on September 20, 2015, as confirmed by Josh’s Instagram post. He proudly revealed a tattoo inscribed with his wife’s name along with the date of their wedding anniversary.

Aside from their kids and high-speed chases, Chelsea and Josh are a happy family who welcomed a furry member named Bane in 2017, adding to the joy of their household.

Heritage Racing

Chelsea’s passion for street racing runs deep in her family, which is evident in Street Outlaws: Memphis. Before she got into the driver’s seat herself, Chelsea played a key role in preparing her sister Precious Cooper for the race.

At the circuit known as ‘Chelarilla’, Chelsea made a name for herself with her vibrant turquoise TomKat car. Her racing career is marked by numerous victories, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of street racing.


While the exact starting point of Chelsea’s racing journey remains unclear, her love of cars has always been evident. Her Instagram is decorated with photos of cars she has driven or owned, since 2013 when she was photographed at races.

Exploring Chelsea’s Instagram

Aside from the adrenaline rush of racing, Chelsea provides insight into her personal life through her Instagram account. Her large tattoos, prominent on her forearm, bear the significant dates and times of her children’s births, reflecting her deep maternal connection.

Family takes center stage on Chelsea’s Instagram, where she shares precious moments with her children, Kamden and Novaleigh, as well as husband Josh. Their adventures and day trips reflect the core of their close relationship.

In addition to her love of racing and family, Chelsea reveals herself to be a passionate lover of sports. Her support for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team shines through on her Instagram feed.


Chelsea Day’s life extends far beyond the exciting world of street racing. As a devoted mother, loving wife and passionate sports fan, she embraces a rich and varied array of roles. While her wins on the track have earned her a well-deserved reputation, Chelsea’s personal journey is just as compelling. As fans of Street Outlaws: Memphis continue to cheer her on, they gain a deeper appreciation for the woman behind the wheel, whose life is a fascinating blend of speed, family and unwavering passion.

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