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Who is David Neeleman’s Wife? Lets Talk About His 10 Children, Ex-wife, Family in 2023

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ction: Who is David Neeleman?

David Neeleman is a famous American businessman who originates from Brazil. He is involved in various businesses and is known for founding companies such as WestJet and Jet Blue. In this article we will delve into his family, wife, children and his journey.

David’s business ventures

David Neeleman made a name for himself in the business world. He played a significant role in several companies, including a significant stake in TAP Air Portugal, a prominent European business airline. In 2018, he made headlines by announcing the launch of a new American airline, Breeze Airways, securing an impressive $100 million in funding.

Vicki Neeleman: David’s ex-wife

David Neeleman was previously married to Vicki Neeleman. Although not much is known about how they met, some sources suggest that their love story may have started during their college years. Both were tight-lipped about their private lives, so there is not much information about their marriage and the exact date of their divorce.

David’s love life today

After his split from Vicki, David is reportedly happily married to a new woman named Eva. On the Internet, you can easily find pictures of the couple that show their happiness together.

Meet David Neeleman’s Ten Children

David and Vicki Neeleman are the proud parents of ten children. Their first child, Ashley, ventured into the world of business and fashion, founding Cecelia New York in 2015. She is also happily married to Matthew Cole, and the couple has six children: Samuel, Eli, Cecelia, Naomi, Geneviev and Vivienne.

Hannah, another of Neeleman’s daughters, is a farmer, and her Instagram bio proudly mentions her seven children. Seth, another of David’s children, seems to have a passion for sports, especially lacrosse. You can easily find photos of the Neeleman family on the web that show their diverse interests.

Exploring David Neeleman’s family roots

David Neeleman’s roots trace back to Brazil, where he was born on October 16, 1959. His parents, Rose and Gary Neeleman, raised him in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and he lived in Brazil until he was five years old. David’s father was a missionary in Brazil, which enabled him to get to know the country early.

David’s grandfather, John Neeleman, was a Utah native of Dutch descent who owned nine stores. Considering that the family is involved in entrepreneurship, it is clear that David was influenced by his family’s business environment, which contributed to his successful career.

In conclusion, David Neeleman’s life and family have several interesting aspects, from his business ventures and marriages to his ten children and his family’s rich entrepreneurial history. While much remains private, David’s contribution to the business world is clear, and his family continues to play a significant role in his life.

Conclusion: An extraordinary life

David Neeleman’s journey from Brazil to successful American businessman is undoubtedly fascinating. His family, both past and present, played a key role in shaping his life. Although many details of his personal life remain undisclosed, his significant achievements in the business world continue to be celebrated.

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