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Who is Emma Heesters? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family

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Emma Heesters, a household name in the Netherlands and beyond, is a talented singer, songwriter and YouTube sensation. In this article, we explore the life of Emma Heesters, including her age, family, boyfriend, net worth, nationality and more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of this extraordinary Dutch artist.

Early life

  • Emma Heesters was born on January 8, 1996 in Gravenpolder, Netherlands, which would make her 26 years old in 2022.
  • Coming from a well-established Christian family, Emma’s upbringing played a significant role in shaping her values ​​and principles.

Rising star

  • Emma is not only a singer; she is an independent artist known for her stunning songs and album covers. Her journey to stardom began with her Instagram account, where she began to gain popularity.
  • Her musical talent shines on her YouTube channel, where she shares her songs and covers. Thanks to her dedication and unique style, she has gathered millions of followers and fans around the world.

The Heesters family

  • Emma Heesters’ family background is steeped in music. Her father, known as Mr. Heesters, is a professional music teacher, which gave her upbringing a musical touch.
  • Her mother, Willian Heesters, is a speech therapist, enriching her childhood with knowledge and communication skills.
  • Emma has an older brother, and glimpses of her family life can be seen on her official social media profiles, where she often shares pictures with friends and her mother.

Emma’s ethnicity and nationality

  • Emma Heesters is of white Caucasian ethnicity, reflecting her Dutch roots.
  • She proudly holds Dutch citizenship, which represents her connection to the Netherlands.

The heart of Emma Heesters

  • While Emma’s marital status is currently listed as single, her relationship status tells a different story. She has been in a committed relationship with Wesley Hoedt, a Dutch soccer player since the beginning of 2020. The couple has been seen together many times, and they share their love with the world.

Emma’s financial success

  • Emma Heesters not only made a name for herself in the music industry, but also became a successful entrepreneur.
  • With her diverse career as a singer, YouTube star, social media influencer, songwriter, and TV personality, Emma’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Connecting with Emma Heesters

  • Emma Heesters’ presence extends to various social media platforms, where she interacts with her fans and shares updates about her life and career. You can find her on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Emma Heesters

  1. Who is Emma Heesters?
    • Emma Heesters is a popular Dutch singer, YouTube sensation, social media influencer, songwriter, TV personality and successful entrepreneur.
  2. Where was Emma Heesters born?
    • Emma Heesters was born in Gravenpolder, the Netherlands.
  3. How old is Emma Heesters?
    • As of 2022, Emma Heesters is 26 years old.
  4. Who is Emma Heesters boyfriend?
    • Emma Heesters is in a relationship with Wesley Hoedt.


Emma Heesters’ journey from a small town in the Netherlands to international stardom is a testament to her talent, hard work and dedication. Her music, online presence and successful career are just the beginning of what promises to be an extraordinary life in the entertainment world. Emma’s story continues to inspire her fans and aspiring artists.

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