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Who is Lisa Barlow’s sister Genia Hall and did she date her husband?

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Season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” (RHOSLC) is in full swing on Bravo, and one particular mystery has piqued viewers’ curiosity – Lisa Barlow’s sister, Genia Hall. As the RHOSLC franchise continues to captivate audiences, let’s dive into the mysterious world of Genie Hall and find out if she ever dated Lisa’s husband, John.

Who is Lisa Barlow’s sister, Genia Hall?

Genia Hall is one of Lisa Barlow’s four sisters. She is known for keeping her personal life private, as her social media accounts remain on private settings. Despite her low profile on the Internet, Genia is a successful woman. Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she attended Brigham Young University. Genia’s Instagram bio provides insight into her life; she describes herself as a “wife and mother of 4 sons” and identifies herself as a designer. Lisa introduced her sister to the public via a tweet in November, leading to widespread amazement at the striking resemblance between the two sisters. Comments poured in, with some Twitter users exclaiming, “Shit, she’s your twin!” and “Wow, are you twins? I like that!”

Was Lisa’s husband dating her sister?

The current Genie Hall rumors center on a specific question: Did Lisa’s husband, John, ever date her sister? The intriguing question came after Lisa revealed on the show, declaring: “I married my sister’s boyfriend but they didn’t sleep together.” RHOSLC fans took to Twitter to discuss the revelation, with one user commenting, “Omggg, John Barlow dated Lisa’s sister before her… the family ties of this franchise.” However, Lisa Barlow has come forward to address these swirling rumours. She clarified on Twitter: “John did not date my sister. They went on one date.” This statement was an attempt to remove any lingering doubts about the nature of John’s relationship with Genia.

Genius’ entrepreneurial journey

In addition to her family connections, Genia Hall is an energetic entrepreneur. She holds the positions of CEO and Creative Director at She is Like Eve, a brand that offers a range of luxury products designed to empower women and connect them with their sensual side. The product line includes dresses, bags, gym wear and pants for various occasions. Genia’s journey into the world of fashion was influenced by her experiences in New York, where she spent summers and autumns with her sisters, attending fashion shows and exploring the Garment District. She shared her inspiration for starting the business, describing a moment of deep connection with an early day while sitting outside her house in the countryside.


Genia Hall remains an intriguing figure in the world of RHOSLC, known not only for her family ties to Lisa Barlow, but also for her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to empowering women through her “She is Like Eve” fashion label. While questions about her past relationship with Lisa’s husband, John, briefly fueled speculation, Lisa’s clarification put those rumors to rest. As RHOSLC continues to deliver drama and surprises, Genie Hall’s presence adds an element of mystery and fascination to the unfolding story. Her journey, both as a successful entrepreneur and as a family member, adds depth to the multifaceted world of Real Housewives.

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