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Who Is Lisa Holewyne? And Where Is Lisa Holewyne Now?

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In the busy world of women’s boxing, stories of triumph and resilience often emerge. One such inspiring story revolves around Lisa Holewyne, a former professional boxer, and her unexpected journey with Christy Salters Martin. Let’s dive into Lisa’s life, from her boxing days to her current endeavors.

Who is Lisa Holewyne?

Born on March 10, 1966 in Hawaii, Lisa Holewyne began her journey as a young athlete with a passion for sports. Moving to Houston, Texas in her teenage years, Lisa excelled in softball and track and field at Spring Branch High School. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she also competed in the heptathlon. Lisa’s boxing venture began after she won multiple local Golden Gloves titles, which brought her into the ring with Christy Martin in 2001, marking the beginning of an unexpected relationship.

Amazing relationship with Christy Martin:

Faced with defeat in the ring against Christy Martin in 2001, Lisa Holewyne’s story took a surprising turn. She had no idea that their paths would cross again, but not as competition, but as friends, and eventually life partners. Christy and Lisa’s unique bond has grown stronger over time, transcending the challenges of professional sports. Lisa’s final match, witnessed by thousands in 2005, marked a transition in her life, aligning with Christy’s experiences and their subsequent reunion.

Lisa Holewyne: Where is he now?

At age 54, Lisa Holewyne’s life took a different turn and she now lives in Austin, Texas with Christy Salters Martin, whom she married on November 25, 2017. Their love story, characterized by a four-month romance and a heartfelt engagement in a hotel parking lot, is a testament to their shared commitment. . While Lisa may have retired from the boxing scene, her unwavering support for Christy Martin Promotions, a company specializing in boxing promotion and growth, remains unwavering. In addition to her contributions to the world of boxing, Lisa earned a well-deserved place in the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHF) on August 30, 2019, boasting a record of 25-17-2 over a nearly eight-year professional career. boxer. Moving on to a new chapter, Lisa is now focusing her energies on her business, Remodel Austin. Initially recognized as the premier flooring company in the Austin area, the business has evolved over the past decade, expanding its services to include comprehensive restoration solutions.


Lisa Holewyne’s journey is an example of resilience and adaptability in the world of sport. From the boxing ring to the Hall of Fame and entrepreneurial success, Lisa’s story continues to inspire. As she embraces new challenges, Lisa remains an indomitable force, proving that champions, in and out of the ring, can redefine their paths and leave a lasting legacy. Cheers to Lisa Holewyne, a true champion, wherever the road leads next!

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