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Who is Mj Marfori? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family

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  • Mj Marfori is a prominent journalist originally from the Philippines.
  • She is best known as the presenter of the Hollywood show “Shotlist” on Cignal TV.
  • Her remarkable career extends to the multi-tasking head of entertainment at TV5 News, where she not only anchors but also writes and edits her news for the show “Aksyon Primetime”, especially the segment titled “Celebrity Aksyon”.

Biography, age, Wiki

  • Mj Marfori is a respected Filipino journalist.
  • Although she may not be featured on Wikipedia, she has made a significant impact in her field.
  • Her exact date of birth remains unknown, but she proudly hails from the Philippines and is currently 27 years old.
  • Education was a key part of her journey. She completed her high school education at Saint Pedro Poveda College.
  • For her higher education, she graduated from De La Salle University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Getting to know Mj Marfori

  • Full name: MJ Marfori
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Philippines
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Horoscope sign: N/A
  • Female gender
  • Religion: Christian
  • Qualification: graduate
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Oscar Elumba Oida
  • Children: One daughter named “Aerin”

Family of MJ Marfori: parents and siblings

  • Mj Marfori’s roots are in her family. She was born to her parents, Jose Enrique and Teresita Romualdez.
  • He also shares his life path with his four siblings, whose names remain undisclosed.

Ethnicity and nationality

  • Although Mj Marfora’s ethnicity remains undisclosed, she proudly holds Filipino citizenship.

Netto value

  • As a prominent TV presenter and journalist, Mj Marfori has undoubtedly left her mark in the industry. However, specific details about her net worth are not publicly known.

Mj Marfori on social networks

  • Mj Marfori is no doubt active on social media platforms.
  • You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Frequently asked questions about Mj Marfora

Q1: Who is Mj Marfori?

  • A: Mj Marfori is a famous television presenter from the Philippines, known for her versatile career in journalism.

Q2: What is the net worth of Mj Marfori?

  • A: The exact net worth of Mj Marfori has not been made public.

Q3: What nationality is Mj Marfori?

  • A: Mj Marfori is proud of his Filipino nationality.

Q4: How old is Mj Marfori?

  • A: Mj Marfori is currently 27 years old.


Mj Marfori is a distinguished Filipino journalist and television presenter, known for her versatile career in the field of journalism. While specific details like her net worth remain undisclosed, her influence in the industry is undeniable. Born and raised in the Philippines, Mj Marfori has made significant contributions to the world of entertainment and news. You can follow her journey by following her on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

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