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Who Is Paul Castellano Wife Nino Manno: Who Is Nina Castellano?

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The name Nino Mano Paul has been circulating on the internet, leaving many curious. Who is Nina Mana’s wife, Nina Castellano? In this article, we will delve into the life of Nina Castellano, the wife of Paul Castellano, who was an influential person in the American mafia. Let’s find out the details.

Paul Castellano: An extraordinary figure

Paul Castellano was a notable figure, known for his involvement in a variety of criminal activities, from traditional mafia operations to legal affairs. He acquired considerable wealth and had great influence. His life took a tragic turn when he lost his life, leading to John Gotti becoming the new boss of the Gambino family. Paul’s contribution and reputation left a lasting impact, and people still remember him fondly.

Who is Nina Castellano?

One of the most pressing questions surrounding Paulo Castellano is about his wife, Nina Castellano. Nina is known for leading a relatively private life and prefers to keep her personal things out of the public eye. Unlike her husband, she avoided controversy and kept a low profile.

Nina Manno Castellano:

Nina, originally known as Nino Mano, became Nina Manno Castellano after marrying Paul Castellano in 1937. Their marriage was harmonious, marked by happiness and unity. Together they raised a family of four children, including sons Paul, Joseph Castellano and Philip, as well as a daughter named Constance Castellano.

Private life:

Nina Castellano, also known as Nina Manno Castellano, is a private person who deliberately kept her personal life away from the public eye. There are no publicly available details about her personal life or any involvement in activities related to her husband’s criminal life. She decided to keep her privacy and distance herself from the spotlight.


In this article, we explored the life of Nina Castellano, the wife of the famous American mobster Paul Castellano. Nina, who became Nina Manno Castellano after her marriage in 1937, led a private life and refrained from public exposure. Her marriage to Paul was a source of happiness, resulting in a family of four children. While the life and work of Paul Castellano left a significant impact, Nina chose a more discreet life. We have provided you with the available details and will keep you informed of any additional information that may emerge in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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