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Who Was Eliminated From Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4?

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In the thrilling finale of Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4, the tension was at a fever pitch as Josh Martinez faced elimination in the nail-biting Candy Cane Rodeo. Despite being a former Big Brother 19 champion, Josh’s journey took an unexpected turn, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Candy Cane Rodeo Challenge: A rollercoaster of emotions

In this endurance competition, contestants had to hold a spinning wand for over an hour. Unfortunately, Josh Martinez, who gave a commendable performance throughout, fell just seconds before Nicole Franzel, sealing his fate in the holiday-themed spin-off. The Candy Cane Rodeo not only tested physical strength, but also shook the alliances and dynamics among the remaining contestants.

Changing Dynamics: What’s Next for Housemates?

With Josh’s departure, the dynamic within the Big Brother Reindeer Games house has undergone a significant change. The remaining contestants – Britney Godwin, Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel-Arroyo, Taylor Hale and Xavier Prather – now face a new landscape of challenges and alliances as they continue their quest for the grand prize.

Naughty and Nice Challenge and Jingle Bell Brawl: Adding spice to the game

The excitement didn’t stop with the Candy Cane Rodeo. The Naughty and Nice Challenge and Jingle Bell Brawl added even more excitement to the competition. These challenges highlighted different skill sets critical to success, setting the stage for intense battles and unexpected twists and turns as competitors aim for victory.

Josh Martinez: A Journey Through Big Brother History

Before his unexpected elimination, Josh Martinez made a name for himself in the Big Brother universe. Emerging victorious in Big Brother 19, he became known for his lively antics, from banging pots and pans to calling people “meatballs”. His strategic gameplay and alliances entertained viewers, making him an unforgettable part of the Big Brother legacy.

Inside “Big Brother Reindeer Games”: Festive spin-off

“Big Brother Reindeer Games” is not your typical reality competition. Premiering on December 11, 2023, this festive spin-off features nine former Big Brother contestants competing in Santa’s House, a Christmas-themed setting decked out in flying reindeer and holiday decorations. Unique challenges, including the “Naughty and Nice Challenge” and the “Jingle Bell Brawl Challenge,” add a special holiday flavor to gameplay.

Unique format: breaking away from tradition

Unlike regular Big Brother seasons, “Big Brother Reindeer Games” skips the traditional nominations and evictions. Instead, contestants embark on holiday-themed challenges that bring unexpected twists. From pros and cons in the “Naughty and Nice Challenge” to safety and nomination opportunities in the “Jingle Bell Brawl Challenge,” the show keeps contestants and viewers on their toes.

Release date and preview: A cheerful twist on Reality TV

“Big Brother Reindeer Games” premiered on December 11, 2023, breaking away from the traditional Big Brother format. With a top prize of $100,000 up for grabs, the show offers a lighthearted and fun twist on the usual reality competition format. The festive environment, combined with unique challenges, promises an unforgettable two weeks of suspense, surprises and strategic gameplay.


Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 4 brought shocks, alliances and a heartbreaking elimination. As the remaining contestants prepare for their next challenges, fans can expect more drama, suspense and holiday fun in their pursuit of that coveted grand prize. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

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