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Who was Marsiah Emmanuel Collins? 19-year-old Alabama shooting victim Shot To Death

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After a devastating weekend shooting at a teenager’s birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, the identities of the victims have been revealed. Among them was 19-year-old Marsiah Emmanuel Collins. This article aims to shed light on the life of Marsiah Collins and the shocking incident that claimed his young life.

Marsiah Emmanuel Collins: Life Interrupted

Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, a 19-year-old from Opelika, Alabama, tragically lost his life in a mass shooting during a 16th birthday party in Dadeville on a fatal Saturday night. The Collins family is now dealing with the sudden and untimely loss of their beloved son.

A shortened promising future

Marsiah Collins had promising plans for her future. He was a talented musician and dreamed of attending Louisiana State University next fall. In fact, he was accepted to LSU last fall semester. However, Marsiah honestly decided to take a year off from school. His reasons were twofold: to pursue his passion for music and to spend quality time with his mother and sisters.

Multitalented person

Marsiah was more than a musician; he was a versatile individual. He had a background in football, having previously served as a defensive end on the Opelika High School boys’ soccer team. His father, Martin Collins, arranged for Marsiah to move in for the upcoming fall semester.

Bright light in the room

Martin Collins, Marcia’s father, fondly remembers his son as a witty and charismatic young man who had an uncanny ability to light up any room he entered. Marsiah was not only a beloved son to his sisters, but also a loving big brother. His family’s heartbreak is immeasurable.

Family grief

Marsiah Collins comes from a two-parent family, and his father, Martin, graduated from Stanford University and served in the Marine Corps in Iraq. Martin wanted to be a positive role model for his son and demonstrated the value of hard work and determination. He was proud of the fact that he raised his son in an environment where Marsiah had every opportunity to succeed.

Unfounded accusations

Tragically, after Marsiah’s death, unfounded accusations against him surfaced. Martin Collins has denied claims that portray his son in a negative light, particularly accusations that Marsiah is responsible for her own death due to her involvement in a prop gun music video. According to Martin, the gun used in the video was fake. The family now struggles with the pain of losing Marsiah and the burden of wondering who was responsible for the mass shooting and what motivated the attack.

Remembering Philastavious ‘Phil’ Dowdell

It is important to note that Marsiah Emmanuel Collins and Philastavious ‘Phil’ Dowdell, another shooting victim, were friends. Philstavious was a Dadeville High School graduate from Camp Hill, Alabama. He received a football scholarship and committed to Jacksonville State University, highlighting a bright future that was tragically cut short.

Bottom line: A heartbreaking loss

The loss of Marsiah Emmanuel Collins is a heartbreaking reminder of the devastating effect of senseless violence. As the investigation into the mass shooting continues, the Collins family and their community search for answers and grapple with the deep pain of losing a young life full of promise.

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