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Why are people cutting their hair and donating here? Campaign going on from door to door, women at the forefront

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There was a time when thieves would take away the hair from women’s heads in the Venezuelan coastal city of Maracaibo. Thieves armed with scissors used to hide here and there and as soon as they got a chance, they would cut the hair of the women and run away. Then he was known as Piranha. These people also kept guns with them. They were mostly seen around sea beaches. Are you wondering what they did with this hair? So let us tell you that they used to sell them in hair salons and earn up to Rs 50 thousand. There were also reports of child abductors in Colombia, China and South Africa. Once again, hair is in great demand in Venezuela, but for a completely different purpose. This time people are donating their hair by cutting it to save the famous Maracaibo Lake.

Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in South America and one of the oldest lakes in the world. But there are reserves of oil wells from where crude oil is extracted. Due to continuous exploration of oil wells, this area has become quite polluted. The entire lake is in the grip of pollution. Oil particles are spread on the water of the lake, which is proving fatal for living beings. To prevent the spread of these oil particles and to separate them, a special mat is being made which is made from human hair. That’s why a campaign to donate hair is going on.

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took up the task of cleaning
28 year old Celine Astrach has taken up the campaign to save this lake covered with iridescent glitter and green algae flowers. Celine has taken up the task of cleaning Lake Maracaibo. He formed a voluntary organization named Proyecto Sirena, which has spread throughout the country. It is asking people to donate their hair. According to The Washington Post, this idea came to Celine’s mind in July and when she experimented, it was successful. Now the impact of his campaign is so much that women, children and even youth are donating by cutting their hair. Many people have also donated hair by cutting the hair of their dogs.

hair absorbs oil
Celine’s team is using the donated hair to weave pantyhose-like nets that will be placed in Lake Maracaibo. This will prevent the oil layers from spreading or separating. Equipment like mats have been designed for cleaning the lake. These will be used next week. Celine said that 2 pounds of hair can absorb 11 to 17 pounds of oil. This is a unique way of saving the environment.


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