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Why Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Supports Khalistani Movement And Its Terrorists – Why does Canada support Khalistani terrorists, what is Justin Trudeau’s compulsion?

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Justin Trudeau’s ‘Liberal Party’ has only 158 MPs, whereas 170 MPs are required for majority in the 338-seat Canadian Parliament. Trudeau has the support of the New Democratic Party, which has 24 MPs. The head of this party is Jagmeet Singh, who is a staunch Khalistani separatist leader. Their support is important for Trudeau’s government. Trudeau cannot take the risk of angering them, otherwise his government will fall.

“Canada is not trying to provoke India”: Justin Trudeau said as the controversy escalated

Election results made Trudeau dependent on Khalistani separatist leader
Obviously, the election results of 2019 and then 2021 made Trudeau dependent on the Khalistani separatist leader and his party. The ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement signed between Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh will last till 2025. If Jagmeet gets angry, then understand that Trudeau’s government is defeated.

The opposition had investigated the suspicion of China’s interference in the elections.
When the opposition demanded an investigation into the suspicion of China’s interference in the Canadian elections, Jagmeet stood firmly with Trudeau. On the other hand, with Trudeau’s support, Jagmeet Singh has opened a front against India. They are giving full impetus to Khalistani activities.

Trudeau has been trying to woo the Sikh community
About 8.8 lakh Sikhs live in Canada, which is about 2 percent of the population there. These are influential communities in Canada. The largest number of people of Indian origin live in British Columbia, Canada. After that, 1 lakh 80 thousand Indians live here in Ontario. Jagmeet Singh’s brother Gururatan Singh is also an effective leader. It is to woo the Sikh community that Trudeau has claimed that he has given place to the maximum number of Sikhs in his cabinet.

India gave a blunt reply to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s allegations, now America said this

Trudeau gets 158 seats in 2021 elections
In 2015, when Trudeau came to power by defeating the Conservative Party, he got 184 seats, but due to inflation etc. his popularity kept falling. Even in 2019 they could not come together with full majority. Trudeau got only 157 seats. Trudeau held elections again in 2021 in the hope of getting a majority, but could win only 158 seats.

According to a recent survey, 57 percent of people in Canada want Justin Trudeau to leave power. Trudeau is under pressure. After the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, India was displeased with the way Khalistani supporters started threatening Indian diplomats posted in Canada.

Canada did not take action despite India’s continuous demand
Despite India’s continuous demand, Trudeau did not take any action. Because they have the compulsion to save the government first. And now they are talking in the same language which was used by Khalistani separatists while accusing Indian agencies.

Know which controversies Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau has been surrounded by till now.

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