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Why confusion in sexual relationship? , How safe is it to have physical relations during pregnancy? Know from experts whether to have relations at an older age or not.

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It is common to have sexual desire regardless of age or uncomfortable physical condition. Physical relationship is directly related to emotions. If you fall in love with your partner, it is natural to desire a physical relationship. Sexologist Dr. Rajan Bhosale is solving the confusion in people’s minds regarding relationship.

Despite being pregnant, I still desire physical relations. My husband loves me so much, takes care of me so much that I also feel a lot of love for him. I know that he also desires a physical relationship, but to avoid hurting me, he restrains his desire. I want to know how safe is it to have sex during pregnancy?

It is normal to desire sexual relations during pregnancy. If husband and wife are together and emotionally connected to each other, then this desire can arise in the minds of both. Women generally do not express their feelings. It is good that you told about your wish.

Partners should also express their wishes openly to each other. Most women do not talk to their husbands about their desires or satisfaction, so husbands cannot understand when their wives feel happy and satisfied during sex.

Some months during pregnancy period are safe for physical relations. You can fulfill your wish at the right time and in the right way. Having a relationship in the first three months and last one month can be harmful. Apart from that, if there are no other problems during pregnancy, then physical relations can be maintained in the middle period i.e. for four to seven-eight months. Yes, during physical relations, it is important to take care that there is no pressure on the stomach and there is no harm to the fetus.

Talk to your husband about your wishes. They will like your initiative and will definitely fulfill your wish while taking care of you.

I am 58 years old and have undergone menopause, but my husband and I still have physical relations. We both find joy in it and feel connected. But when I told this to my friend, her reaction was strange. She believes that this is the age to establish a daughter-in-law and son relationship. At this age, women avoid sexual relations. I want to know if there is anything wrong with me? Should older couples not have physical relations?

it’s not like that at all. You should not make any misconceptions about yourself. When and how often to have physical relationship is completely a personal matter between husband and wife. There are many couples who, despite having the desire, avoid physical relations because they feel that they are no longer old enough to have a relationship.

After the daughter-in-law comes to the house, the mother-in-law feels that they should not have sexual relations anymore. But it is not right to think like this. You should not make unnecessary changes in your relationship thinking about someone else. Both husband and wife should decide together how your relationship should be.

Don’t take your friend’s words to heart. Generally, after menopause, most women lose interest in physical relations. But it is not necessary that this happens with every woman. Many couples maintain relationships for a long time and this keeps the love and excitement in their relationship. Age has no effect on physical relationship as long as the couple is comfortable and satisfied.

Dr. Rajan Bhosale, MD

Professor & HOD, Department of Sexual Medicine, KEM Hospital &G. S. Medical college

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