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Why did ‘Gadar 2’ become a hit? Director Anil Sharma tells the 5 reasons for this – Gadar2 director Anil Sharma reveals the five main reasons for success of massive success of this film ntmov

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Gadar 2 will soon be premiered now on Zee Cinema. After breaking all the records of success in theaters and digital platforms, the film is now going to have its world TV premiere. The film’s director Anil Sharma has shared the five basic reasons for the success of Gadar 2.

During an exclusive conversation with Aaj Tak.in, the reasons for the success of Gadar 2 were discussed. Anil tells us the five main reasons for this and says, ‘When I was ready for the release of Gadar 2, many people around me did not believe that the film would be such a hit. No one had shown confidence in the film. Usually, when there is confidence in a film, no film is released along with it. Whereas two more big films were being released along with Gadar 2. Some films were also being released in both the coming and going weeks. Out of total six thousand theatres, only three and a half thousand theaters were found. Distributors, exhibitors, artists, studios, no one was confident that the film would work. Only the public had confidence. I had also placed my bet solely on his trust.

First reason – rebellion was settled in the hearts
I believe that the biggest reason for its release was that it was settled in the hearts of the people. Whenever I went, people used to talk to me about this. In the last 20 years, people used to ask only when will you make Gadar 2? Although I did many films during this time, everyone’s question was only about the making of Gadar 2.

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Second reason – getting its true story
I had also decided that whenever Gadar 2 would be made, I would like the story for it. I am not going to tamper with its soul by using the name. The second reason was that it took me twenty years for Gadar 2 but I had found the right story.

Third reason – Superman Tara Singh’s attack on Pakistan
I believe the third reason for its success is that the public wanted to see tremendous action. He wanted to see rustic and realistic action. He wanted to see what wonders Tara Singh would do by going to Pakistan again. If Tara Singh steps on Lahore Zero, then how will he react? People considered Tara Singh as Superman. The audience wanted to know how Tara Singh destroys the enemies of Pakistan with full action.

Fourth reason – its background score
I consider its songs as the fourth reason. The song Ud Ja Kale Kaanwa comes with the nostalgia factor. I was sure that whenever this song would be played on the background score, the audience would get goosebumps. What happened was that people enjoyed the entire song in the theatre.

Fifth reason – love story and newness of songs in it
Fifth reason: The new love story in it has increased its value. People were aware of Tara-Shakina’s love story. The audience was also excited about the youth and love story of Jeete Jo Bachcha Tha. He wanted to see what it felt like to grow up alive. These were some of the reasons which increased the enthusiasm about Gadar 2.

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