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World’s Smallest Country Story: What kind of country is this, where the population is only two people – sealand is the smallest country in the world

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Can there be any country whose native population is only two? More than this, we have a nuclear family. If there is a country of two people, then who will be the head of that country and who will be its people. Who will rule over whom? But there exists a self-proclaimed country, which may not be officially recognized, but it treats itself like a country. It has its own constitution, national flag, national anthem and even currency and passport. Facilities like internet, TV, mobile will also be available here. It also has its own football team. It hoisted its flag on Mount Everest. The name of this country is Sealand. The population here is said to be 27, but only two people live here permanently.

Sealand (Micro Nation) is also known as HM Fort Ruff or Ruff’s Tower. Actually, it is situated on a ruined sea fort. It is about 10 kilometers from Suffolk Beach, England. Its total area is 250 meters. The fort was built by Britain during the Second World War (1943) to protect itself from the German army. After the war, it was vacated by the Royal Navy, since then Sealand has been occupied by different people.

captured like this

Roughs Tower was first occupied in February 1965 by Jack Moore, of the marine station Wonderful Radio London, and his daughter Jane. After this, it was taken over by radio broadcaster and station owner Roy Bates on September 2, 1967. Then in 1968, some British workers started camping around the area with their boats, which Bates did not like. They considered the area around this fort as their own. They considered it a country and named it Sealand. Bates’ son Michael Bates tried to scare away the workers by firing shots from the fort. Since Bates was a British citizen at the time, he was asked to appear in an English court for his actions after the incident. But according to the court’s decision, since this fort was outside the British territorial limits. Bates and his son were therefore acquitted and the case did not proceed further. This gave Bates more courage and he started living here as the head of a country. In 1975, Bates also drafted a constitution for Sealand.

The number of people visiting this country is also not less. To spend one night here, one has to pay 145 dollars (about Rs 12,025). Since this country has no resources, there is no dearth of people to help it. Every person who comes here donates something to this country. There is also a gift shop for tourists. Half of the country’s expenses come from this shop.

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‘We don’t need recognition’

There has been a debate since 1967 on whether this self-proclaimed country should be considered a country or not. In an interview, Sealand chief Michael Bates had said, I have never asked for recognition for my country. You don’t need recognition to be a state, you just have to meet the criteria of the Montevideo Convention (a treaty relating to the rights and duties of a state). Population, territory, government, and interaction with other states are some of the capabilities a state may have. We are able to accomplish all this. Once the German ambassador came to talk to us on some issue. His coming was the real validation for us. We communicated with the President of France several years ago, but we never asked for recognition and we do not think we need it.

Debate on the Montevideo Convention

The Montevideo Convention was signed at the International Conference of American States in 1933. According to which, for a state to be recognized as a country, it would need a permanent population, clearly defined boundaries, government and the ability to make contacts with other countries. Sealand’s supporters say that Sealand meets all four of these criteria. The downside is that technically only 16 states have ratified the convention, and all of them are in the US, but according to the American Society for International Law, the Montevideo Convention is generally considered the standard definition of statehood. goes.

Difficulties increased in 1987

Sealand was challenged when the United Kingdom increased its territorial limits from 3 miles to 12 miles. Sealand was 6 miles away. In such a situation, he also came within the limits of UK. But Sealand opposed it. Its argument was that it had met the criteria set at the Montevideo Conference. But Britain is violating it. When asked about Sealand in 2000, a UK Home Office spokesman said that he saw no reason to consider Sealand a nation. We cannot assume that anyone recognizes this.

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